Hamptjärnmoran preschool

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Hamptjärnmoran preschool is located about 5 km outside the center of Boden, in scenic Hamptjärnmoran. The preschool has two mixed-age portals.

Each portal is staffed by three educators, with lots of interaction between departments.

We offer home cooking by our skilled chef.

With the forest in the farm, it is a natural part of our activities and we aim to be outside every day. We have an indoor environment that we change according to the children’s interests. It should attract and challenge people to play and learn.

In preschool, we learn to work together, to respect each other, to face new challenges and to solve them based on the children themselves. We work with creativity, language, movement, mathematics, nature and technology. We take advantage of all our different forms of expression because diversity is important to us. We talk about what we do and what we see, to develop language, observation skills and knowledge of ourselves and the world around us.

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