Hedens preschool

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Hedens preschool is located in Hedens village about 7 km outside Boden. We are a one-room preschool located in nice premises inside the school building. We see it as a great advantage to be located in the school as we can work with the common thread from preschool all the way up to school. Being placed in the school makes the transition from preschool to school very natural for the children because they already feel comfortable with the premises and know the teachers at the school.

Our profile

Our basic vision is the competent child. We aim for independent children who take the initiative in their own learning through curiosity, joy, community, communication and interest. We place great emphasis on mathematics and on language learning.


We encourage and strengthen children’s compassion for each other. Children should feel comfortable, happy and have fun at the preschool. This requires that children feel safe with their peers, teachers and the learning environment. Our aim is to meet each child so that they can develop according to their own abilities.

Children’s influence

We at Hedens preschool work to be responsive to the children’s thoughts, ideas and interests. We always start from the children when planning our activities, and different themes that we work with in the preschool often change as new thoughts and ideas from the children come up. We want to take advantage of the children’s wishes and be co-researching adults together with the children in the educational work at our preschool. In our assemblies and in our daily work, we give all children a voice so that they develop their willingness to influence and dare. Children should feel that they have a meaningful time at preschool and that they learn about democracy in practice. Every child is unique and we want every child to feel that they have a say in their day. We have many different activity boxes that the children can choose to sit and work with. The contents of these boxes are constantly changing according to the children’s wishes.

Parental involvement

We have parent meetings and development talks every year where we meet and talk to the parents. We have a joint closed Facebook group where we work together and where everyone can have their say digitally. In this Facebook group, we also document the children’s day at the preschool so that parents get a great insight into their children’s everyday life and what they learn at the preschool. Participation in the preschool’s Facebook group is of course voluntary.

If necessary, we have a preschool council every semester where representatives from the parents, staff and preschool manager meet and discuss current issues. As a parent, you can participate and influence and feel involved in our preschool.

Free play

We encourage free play, which is a very important part of the day. In free play, children learn about how the world works by taking on different imaginary roles. Children play out their reality, develop their thinking and process events around them. In the game they are allowed to pretend and are allowed to “try” their feelings. Free play allows children to express themselves both verbally and physically. Children learn democracy, solidarity and how to manage social interaction.

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