kvinna hämtar vatten från bäck

The freedom to roam, Allemansrätten, is forever in our hearts!

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We are exceptionally proud of Allemansrätten. The freedom to roam is the general public’s right to access most public or privately owned land, lakes, and rivers for recreation and exercise.

It comes with great responsibility though – but when you learn the basics, it is really a sense of freedom.

So, how does it work? You are allowed to spend time in public as well as in privately owned forests. You are allowed to swim and go by boat almost anywhere. You can even pick yourself a bunch of wild flowers to bring home – but you are required to be sure you do not pick flowers that are protected. Taking branches from trees or shrubberies is prohibited. You may pick mushrooms and berries but not hazelnuts or leaves. You can walk on or off paths, you are allowed to make fire if you follow a few regulations. You can spend one night in a tent without asking the landowner for permission. You can go fishing in our five largest lakes and by the coast, with the exception of some restricted areas. In smaller lakes you need to pay a fee to go fishing.

However you have to be careful to pay respect to what we call hemfridszonen – you are not allowed to roam too close to people’s houses or gardens.

You can walk, bike and hike almost anywhere but you are not allowed to drive a car or motorcycle off road. You may not make fire on cliffs, directly on the beach or on sensitive ground.

Local restrictions apply in nature preserves – you are not allowed to make fire unless there is a fireplace, you are not allowed to pick flowers or camp and you must be extra careful.

Basically; do not harm, do not disturb, do not litter and do not damage neither wildlife nor crops. Leave the places you visited in the very same condition as when you arrived. If you feel unsure – don’t hesitate to ask!

Credit: Sweden.se and Linköping Science Park

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