Work in Boden

Work in Boden

There are plenty of jobs in Boden, in the midst of the green revolution. As society as a whole gears to handle the green transition of society in a record pace, you are needed here, whatever your profession or level of education. Welcome to Boden!

At the heart of the green transition

Boden is at the center of the industry’s green transition. Currently, H2 Green Steel is building a giant plant for large-scale production of fossil-free steel and hydrogen here. Recruitment has started and once production is up and running, around 1500 people will work there. The whole city and region will grow at an extreme pace and new jobs will be created in all sectors. We expect 50,000 new jobs by 2030 in Norrbotten alone. Here in Boden, anywhere from 4,000 to 10,000 new jobs could be created.

Already today, unemployment is low and jobs are easy to find here, especially if you are a teacher, electrician, assistant nurse, nurse, truck driver, carpenter, machine operator, preschool teacher, process operator or similar, and recruitment needs will increase. There are interesting jobs both for those who have spent many years studying at university and for those who have just finished high school. You are simply needed in Boden.

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We can help you connect with employers who are looking for your skills. You register by filling in a short form indicating the professions you are interested in. Good luck in your job search in Boden!

Job vacancies in Boden

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Find your dream job and save the planet.

The recruitment platform brings together all the heavy industrial giants investing in northern Sweden. Register yourself and your companions to maximize your chances of getting your dream job in the green revolution.

Employers in Boden

The largest employers in Boden today are in the public sector, such as the municipality of Boden, Region Norrbotten and the Swedish Armed Forces. But there are also prosperous and growing companies in many sectors. Our economy is in an unprecedented growth phase. That this is happening now is no coincidence, but the result of years of hard work. Boden has had the best business climate in Norrbotten for several years. and every year a lot of new businesses are started here. Growth among Boden companies is strong and there is a lot of interest. among large established companies to move here.

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The jobs are in the north!

In Boden, Gällivare, Skellefteå, Kiruna and Luleå, historically large investments are currently underway that will fundamentally change industry and our basic industries. Together we work for a brighter and greener future. But that requires people like you. In the coming years, the green industrial revolution will create 100,000 new jobs in northern Sweden and we want you to be part of the journey.

Learn something new

If you want to change careers or get a degree, there are specially developed adult education and vocational training courses for the jobs where recruitment needs are greatest – such as care assistants, electricians, childcare workers, process operators and game developers.

H2 Green Steel and Boden Municipality’s Adult Education have together created three new courses, tailored to prepare for a career in the green steel plant – Industrial Electrician, Maintenance Technician and Process Operator/Steel Plant Worker.

The proximity to Luleå University of Technology (25 minutes away) means high-level education and research opportunities. Here in Boden there are great opportunities to make your job dreams come true.

Further training

  • Learning Center Adult Education
  • Luleå University of Technology
  • Boden Game Camp
  • Changemaker Educations
Första spadtaget Boden Industrial Park, H2 Green Steel. Barn, ungdomar

The smart green transition

We are the green heart of northern Sweden, with a business community that interacts in a unique ecosystem that attracts talent from around the world. H2 Green Steel’s establishment is an important accelerator and the municipality of Boden has stepped up to create something smart, green and almost unique that will last for many generations to come.

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Play Video about Ida-Linn Näzelius jobbar på H2 Green Steel och bor i Harads och uppskattar att ha nära till bra löpspår att springa på.


Are you a remote worker or a modern digital nomad? Boden is ideal for those who want to live and work in different locations, remotely over the internet. Mobile surfing is very good almost everywhere in the municipality of Boden, especially if you use Telia’s mobile network (e.g. with the operators Fello, Halebop and Telia). So working from a ski resort, a cabin in the forest or a fishing boat is perfectly possible. About 80 percent of households in the municipality of Boden are connected to broadband via fiber. So there is fast internet almost everywhere, even if you are in a rural village.

If you want a temporary office space, access to a coffee machine, a meeting room and someone to talk to, we recommend the following Space & place at Boden Business Park. It is a coworking space where, with a membership, you can sit and work in a recycled lounge environment whenever you want – or every day. A big bonus is spontaneous meetings with key people in Boden’s growing business community.

In the neighboring municipality of Luleå with its 78,000 inhabitants, there are even more exciting jobs, and so many people commute between Boden and Luleå that we see our labor market as common. It takes about half an hour to get between the cities by bus, train or car, and the same time to get to Luleå Airport. So if you need to work in the Stockholm office sometimes, it is even possible to arrive before your colleagues.

Work at Boden municipality

In addition to the business community, Boden has a strong public sector where Boden municipality is a large employer. To work in the municipality of Boden is to be close to the changing everyday life of the people of Boden. This means opportunities and challenges where the way forward can be the courage to dare to try. We have a strong dare to try culture where the support from competent colleagues and managers are close. Here you get a great deal of trust in a fantastic environment and the opportunity to develop yourself and others.

The municipality of Boden offers many different jobs in challenging and exciting professional areas, all of which aim to develop the municipality of Boden. We have about 2,500 employees and in the next few years will need many new employees in all our operations.