Live on the countryside

Live on the countryside

From the kitchen window you can see the horses grazing in the pasture, children with bare feet running in and out as they please and for dinner you eat potatoes, vegetables and herbs from your own garden. The dream of a life in the countryside is becoming more and more common – and in Boden it can become a reality.

Ett hus på landet i staden

In Boden, the countryside is very much alive. After many years of depopulation, many of Boden’s villages are now experiencing the opposite – there is a growing interest in moving to the countryside. Often it is the proximity to nature and a quieter life that attracts, but also larger areas and opportunities to keep animals and grow their own food. Some are talking about a new green wave sweeping across Sweden, both in the wake of the pandemic and the climate crisis, and perhaps there is something in that.

Boden’s villages also have a rich associative life, including Skogså IF and Bredåkers and Alträsk village associations and many others that bring the countryside to life. Driven enthusiasts and volunteers make life here even more enjoyable. In the Råne River Valley, Edefors and Unbyn, there are economic associations that all make a strong contribution to the development of their respective districts.

Empty houses get new owners

If you dream of a life in the countryside, you’re not alone. Many people are looking for a beautiful Norrbotten farmhouse or an old timber ring with a view of a meadow, forest or lake – but the range of such houses for sale is not always huge. However, there are still some forgotten houses standing empty in our countryside. In the Gunnarsby area, the Råne älvdals ekonomiska förening (RÅEK) has made an inventory of derelict houses and the next step is to match these homes with potential occupants – something that could very well be a success with multiple wins. A similar project is also underway in the Harads area.

Boden municipality often has available plots, both centrally and in the countryside, here you have the chance to build your dream house, close to everything.

Service in the countryside

In Boden, you are close to public services even if you live some distance from the city centre. The three largest rural clusters in the municipality are in Harads, Gunnarsbyn and Unbyn, and here the municipality has chosen to set up service points together with local enthusiasts and economic associations. Here, municipal services are available at close range, adapted to the unique conditions of the specific location and the needs of the people.

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Rural Development

Boden has many villages, almost 50. A living countryside is crucial for the municipality’s growth and therefore the municipality invests in rural development through, among other things:

  • New villa plots in Unbyn in 2023
  • New planning program in the Harad area under development
  • Pop-up summer with culture and events around the villages
  • Business breakfasts and business meetings in the villages
  • Food Cluster Nära Mat Boden
  • Guidelines to promote locally produced food in municipal procurement

Work where you want

88% of households in the municipality of Boden have access or proximity to a fibre connection. And it’s about to get even better. Fiber network is currently being rolled out to even more villages in the municipality. This means that if you have the opportunity to work remotely, you can do so virtually anywhere in the municipality, whether in the city or in the countryside. Fiber network is seen as an important part of rural development as it enables more people to live and work here.

Hospitality industry

It is in rural areas that one of Boden’s largest industries is at its strongest and continues to develop, namely the hospitality industry. The flagship Treehotel in Harads attracts tourists from all over the world, along with Arctic Bath and Logger’s Lodge in the Harads area and Arctic Retreat and Aurora Safari Camp in the Gunnarsby area. There is a strong community and collaboration within the industry, including between companies such as the hotels above and activity companies in fishing, dog sledding, wildlife watching, biking and other nature tourism.

Sustainability, hospitality and innovation run like a bright red trough through the unique mix of experiences that Boden offers. Harads is aiming to become the world’s most sustainable high-end destination. It’s both smart and green.

The equestrian life

Boden is northern Sweden’s most horse-dense city, and some say there are more horses than people here. A horse farm of your own, where you can see your four-legged friends outside your window and spend zero and no time getting out to the stables, is the dream of many horse lovers. In Boden, life close to horses is part of the urban planning and the Horse Village area at Bränslan was created with the horse in mind. Here are large plots and proximity to pastures, good riding trails, the riding school and Bodentravet. That’s close living, or maybe close horse living?

Schools and pre-schools in rural areas

Municipal schools are located in Harads, Gunnarsbyn and Unbyn. Municipal preschools are located in Bredåker, Unbyn, Gunnarsbyn. There are independent preschools in Svartlå, Harads and Skogså.