Närhetslivet on Solskensvägen

Photo Mats Engfors/Fotographic

Alexandra Vallin and Sebastian Nilsson took the chance and built their dream house. Now the family lives the good life where the sun always smiles – on Solskensvägen in Sävast.

It was June 1, 2016, at 09:00, that the great adventure began. Then the first plots on Brännan in Sävast were released for sale and Sebastian remembers how he sat and waited and updated the website, time and time again

– In the end, I managed to find an available plot and got to buy it.

A few minutes later the plots were finished. The family wanted an H-shaped house with an open floor plan for the kitchen and living room in the middle, part for the adults on one side and part for 5-year-old William and his future siblings on the other side.

Sebastian and Alexandra described their thoughts to a couple of local house manufacturers and the choice fell on Vittjärvshus who had a suitable model that could be adapted to their wishes.

– A relative helped us redesign the house so that it turned out exactly as we wanted it, says Sebastian.

Obtaining a building permit went smoothly thanks to fast handling at Boden municipality. For contracting and tiling, local contractors were hired and the local felt important to the couple. The construction went well and even though there have been many choices to consider, Sebastian and Alexandra are far from finished after the project.

– It has gone super well, we do not understand why we have not done this before, says Alexandra.

The foundation was cast in August last year and six months later, at the end of January, the family moved in. There are still interior design dreams to be realized, but the house has become a home – for life.

– It feels really nice, we are so happy with everything, says Alexandra.

In the large living room there is space for cooking, meals, guests and TV cosiness – rooms to simply hang out.

– We always have people here, it’s great to have a good dinner, a bottle of red and just enjoy life, says Sebastian.

A large ceiling height and large windows facing the river to the south give a great feeling of space and the view is striking. In the spring, the garden will be laid out and then a large terrace will be built.

– In the summer, there will be a balcony hanging here in the sun, grilling and living a little, says Sebastian.

The large bathroom has a sauna and relax and is exclusively decorated with large tiles in different shades of gray and glamorous details in gold. The gray scale hangs throughout the house, on everything from the wide floorboards to benches and tiles in the kitchen.

– We want a modern and a bit luxurious hotel feeling. But it’s fun to mix stylishly with a little more rustic to make it homely, says Alexandra and points to the dining table of rough planks.

The living room’s biggest eye-catcher is a large hunting trophy that hangs on the wall above. An elliptical buck that Sebastian shot on a holiday in South Africa.

Alexandra comes from Vuollerim and Sebastian from Boden, but in recent years they have lived in Harads. When the house dream was to become a reality, it was no coincidence that it became Sävast – it was the #närhetsliv that attracted them. Since both Alexandra and Sebastian travel a lot for work, the distance to the airport is extra important.

– Before it took 1.20 to Kallax and now it takes 25 minutes so it will be much shorter working days, says Sebastian.

The preschool is a couple of blocks away and even closer is Sebastian’s newfound interest, the golf course.

– The best thing about living here is that it is close to everything, both to the city and to nature. There is so much, business and football pitches and ski tracks and everything possible that William can do, says Alexandra.

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