What should I do with
all the time I save?

What should I do with all the time I save?

In Boden, you have more time for leisure, which means you have more time to do what you want outside of work. All thanks to the fact that you are close to everything that matters. Let us inspire you with activities you can do by yourself and with others.

Boden is a place where leisure takes a special form, where nature, culture and community are the pillars of people’s lives. There are plenty of strong volunteers here who give tirelessly and generously of their time to make Boden a good place to live. Thanks to them, residents have great opportunities for recreation, exercise, culture, community and new experiences – everywhere in the municipality, in the city centre and in the countryside.

In Boden there are about 300 non-profit associations

Boden’s civil society, with enormous voluntary forces, is really worth showing off. On this page you will find some of our associations and how to contact them.

Cultural life

Boden embraces a rich cultural tradition. Music is a vital part of the city with genres such as jazz, hard rock, folk, pop, rock and more. The artistic program at Björknäsgymnasiet has produced many talented musicians who continue to grace the city’s events. Culture Night in August and Boden Alive attract both local talent and national acts to the stages.

Theatre, dance, music and cinema screenings for young and old are organized by various associations. Havremagasinet Länskonsthall Boden is a cultural hub, housing contemporary art from local, national and international artists. It also gives visitors the opportunity to explore their own creativity through workshops and activities. Café Pampas becomes a venue for live music and lectures, creating an inclusive meeting place.

Experiencing nature

Boden offers a treasure trove of nature experiences. Around the city, the forest with its tall pines and hundred-year-old trees embraces everything in its path. Here you can experience the power of silence, solitude and all the inhabitants of the forest, including moose, hares, foxes, grouse and owls. In winter, the landscape is transformed into a cross-country skiing paradise, with well-prepared trails in every village and neighborhood. Winding paths invite exploration all year round, with golden cloudberry bogs as hidden gems in the green landscape.

The Lule River and Råne River, which meander through the municipality, are lifelines for fishing enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Here you can catch a salmon or explore the rushing rapids along the banks of the river. Swimming opportunities are also plentiful, from lakes to scenic piers, all during the bright summer nights.

In Boden we live a life of #närhetsliv

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The city centre

Boden city center is home to various shops and restaurants offering everything from local specialties to international cuisine. A walk along the streets of the center is a nice way to spend a day off.

The city offers a wealth of cultural experiences right in the center. Havremagasinet Länskonsthall Boden is a proud cultural facility showcasing contemporary art from local and international artists. It is a place for creativity and making, and many workshops and events take place here. Café Pampas, located on the ground floor, serves as a meeting place for live music, lectures and discussions.

There are several music scenes where local talent and national artists perform. Events such as Kulturnatta and Boden Alive attract visitors with different music genres, from jazz to rock and pop. There are also opportunities to attend theater performances, dance shows and cinema screenings.


For those interested in history, there is the Defense Museum and Rödbergsfortet. These sites provide an insight into the city’s defense heritage and host temporary exhibitions and family-friendly activities.

As Boden grows and transforms for the future, the city retains its roots and traditional cultures. With a balance between the modern and the historic, leisure time in Boden is filled with adventure, nature and cultural treasures. Whether you are an enthusiastic outdoors person or a culture lover, there is something for everyone to discover and enjoy in this beautiful part of Sweden.

Nordpoolen Adventure Pool

At Nordpoolen you will find a wonderful world of boundless swimming adventures. A world full of joy, laughter and a sense of belonging for the whole family. There is plenty to do here for both adults and children. Swim, play, compete or just relax in the water slides, exercise pool, relaxation area and children’s pool. There is also a restaurant, a beach café and a relaxation bar.


Winter activities

Winter in Boden is a magical time filled with a range of exciting activities. Here you can enjoy cross-country skiing on well-prepared tracks, take part in ice hockey matches or skate on ice rinks. For the adventurous, there are opportunities for snowmobiling and winter fishing on the frozen lakes. The surrounding mountains also offer excellent opportunities for skiing. Whatever your preference, Boden has something for everyone to discover and enjoy in the beautiful winter environment.

Summer activities

Summer in Boden is a time of exciting activities and nature experiences. Here you can enjoy relaxing moments at nearby lakes, swim from piers and experience the bright summer nights. Walking along the many winding paths is a wonderful opportunity to explore the surrounding nature. Add a scoop of berry picking in the midnight sunlit woodland, including lingonberries and blueberries. For the adventurous, Boden’s surroundings offer opportunities for mountain biking and excursions to the hilly mountains. Whether you prefer quiet moments in nature or active adventure, Boden has summer activities to satisfy everyone.

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