Youth centers

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In Boden, there are several youth centers and meeting places offering various activities and services for young people, reflecting the municipality’s commitment to youth leisure activities.

In Boden, young people are offered various meeting places where they can get involved and be active. These include youth centers and other places where young people can meet, socialize and participate in various activities. In the municipality of Boden, there are two municipal youth centers, a youth motor center and an association-run youth center. They offer activities such as games, motor vehicle mechanics, crafts, refreshments and much more.

Harads Youth Center: Here children and young people can gather and play Play station 5, table tennis, pool, watch a movie, do crafts or hang out at the computer. It is a place where children from 7 to 20 years old have space to socialize. The youth center is run by Edeforsbygdens ekonomiska förening (EDEK), a so called economic association.

Hörnet youth center (central city): Hörnet is a meeting place for young people aged 13-20 located in the center of Boden. Facilities include a creative studio, homework corner, table tennis and café. Activities such as quiz nights, crafts and game tournaments are regularly organized.

Chillet (Sävast): Chillet is another youth center in Boden that offers a place for socializing, coffee, music, TV, and various activities such as billiards and ping pong tournaments. For young people aged 13-20.

Toppen – Motor center for young people: Toppen is a motor center for young people aged 13-25, where they can work on their motor vehicles, take part in various projects and other activities such as Epa and moped meetings, as well as mini-golf and mini-billiards.

These youth centers and meeting places demonstrate a diversity of activities and commitment to youth leisure and development in Boden.