An upper secondary school close by

An upper secondary school close by

Björknäsgymnasiet is Boden’s largest growth community. With us, you grow both as an individual and as a human being. At our secondary school, doors are opened and opportunities created through our courses where you have every chance to influence your future. We are a collection of people who together will inspire, support and challenge you all the way. Welcome!

FACTS / Björknäsgymnasiet

  • 900 students / 150 employees.
  • 11 national programs plus introductory programs and upper secondary special school.
  • Three of the programs are certified as college: Technology / Health and care / Motor industry.
  • Through YE (UF), Young Entrepreneurship, students learn to start, run and develop up a company during a school year.
  • Restaurant Viljan – run by the school’s restaurant and food program.
  • The GameDev program with a focus on game development from the autumn of 2021.
  • Sports specialization in handball, biathlon, hockey and soccer and horseback riding.
  • The aesthetic program is of high quality and is displayed in various public contexts.
  • Named the transport school of the year in Sweden and the YE (UF) school of the year in Norrbotten in the academic year 18/19.
  • Bernadotte High School, Ambassador School for the EU and received the European quality award for language teaching “European lable” for the work with Poesiboden.
  • Has for a long time had a rich international exchange with schools in other countries.

Our programs

The first year you study high school together and you get to try vocational training theoretically and practically in the areas: construction vehicles, house construction, land and construction, painting, sheet metal.

In the second year, you choose a specialization, then high school-wide subjects are alternated with vocationally oriented theory based on your choice, but above all there will be more practical training at established companies. You also have individual choices, here you can, in combination with a vocational degree, learn general or special education to be eligible for the university.

The last and final year is characterized by an education that prepares you for working life. The final year includes at least 15 weeks of workplace learning in companies that give you the opportunity to work as a professional.

House building with courses in concrete and wood. A large part of the practical training takes place in the school’s practice workshop, in student construction and in workplaces.

Construction vehicles with courses in driving them. Much of the practical training takes place in an exercise area with state-of-the-art machines. The education includes traffic knowledge B to C, as well as eligibility courses.

The economics program is university preparatory, you will be well prepared for studies at university and college. You gain solid knowledge in economics, psychology, law, culture, language, mathematics, political science and social orientation. You can also become a certified high school economist and go straight into working life after graduation. You get personal guidance through mentoring and coaching. On our program, well-being and joy are key words that permeate our entire

In the finance program, you will start and run a real company through Young Entrepreneurship (UF). This means that through practical action you can work creatively and develop, for the future, important entrepreneurial abilities such as curiosity, cooperation and courage to invest in your dream.

After completing your studies in the economics program, you have basic knowledge in private, business, social and
international economy. You are also given the opportunity to train your critical thinking and your analytical ability.

The electricity and energy program with professional output installation electrician is the program for you who want to work independently with practical problems and challenges.

The first year you study the core subjects Swedish, English, mathematics and science and the electrical courses computer technology, mechatronics,
electromechanics and energy technology.

In the second year, you study the core subjects religion, social studies, history and the electrical courses electrical installations, practical electrical engineering, electrical power technology and communication technology. In addition to this, you also have workplace-based learning.

In the third year, you study advanced courses in electricity that broaden your knowledge and workplace-based learning.

In the individual choice, you can choose courses that give you university admission, study special sports or other courses that
interests you.

At Björknäsgymnasiet, there is an aesthetic program specializing in music. With us, you can develop musically according to your own conditions, at the same time as you get a broad university preparatory degree. We have long experience, well-trained and committed teachers, nice facilities and fantastic students. After three years with us, many study paths are open.

A major advantage of the aesthetic program is the freedom of choice the education offers. The course outlay on the program means that you can easily ensure that you get what is called special eligibility for university studies, ie the same eligibility that the social sciences program provides. At the same time, you get a good musical foundation to stand on.

We have state-of-the-art recording equipment and an updated studio with three connected recording rooms that can be used for
live recording. You will learn to record music both analog and digital; and you can make your own music and multimedia productions individually and in groups.

We offer the opportunity for basic university admission by choosing the courses Swedish / Swedish as a second language 2 and 3, and English 6.

Truck and machine mechanic – Large vehicles
As a truck engineer, you repair, service and troubleshoot heavy vehicles. The work requires knowledge in mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics, electronics and IT. Customer contacts are becoming more common, which places demands on social competence.

Car mechanic – More than just changing
Passenger car mechanics work with everything from high-tech finesse to hand-screwing on light vehicles. As car development takes enormous strides forward, the profession of car mechanic is also changing as our vehicles consist of a large number of interconnected computers that must work together.

Transport technology
As a professional driver, you can work with a variety of and exciting assignments. Driving long distances abroad, forest transports, distribution in metropolitan environments or transports of dangerous goods to name a few. As a professional driver, you get a very varied job.

Are you interested in the gaming industry and at the same time want to study a university preparatory program? Then the GameDev program is the right program for you.

The GameDev program is a special variant of an aesthetic program with a focus on game development. Among other things, the students will learn to develop computer games, write interactive stories and create entertaining game moments. In the first year, everyone will study the same courses and then choose specialization areas.

Education takes place in close collaboration with Boden Gamecamp (which provides post-secondary game education), has a national intake.

Björknäsgymnasiet is a candidate school* for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme and pursuing authorization as an IB World School.

IB World Schools share a common philosophy-a commitment to improve the teaching and learning of a diverse and inclusive community of students by delivering challenging, high quality programmes of international education that share a powerful vision.

*Only schools authorized by the International Baccalaureate can offer any of its four academic programmes: the Primary Years Programme (PYP), the Middle Years Programme (MYP), the Diploma Programme or the IB Career-related Certificate (IBCC). Candidate status gives no guarantee that authorization will be granted. For further information about the IB and its programmes, visit

The education in the introductory programs is based on a clear individualization. The studies must therefore be organized on the basis of the individual student’s knowledge development and personal conditions. An introductory program does not lead to a diploma, however, the student receives a certificate after completing the education. An individual study plan must be drawn up for each student.

At Björknäsgymnasiet, there are three different introductory programs that give unauthorized students new opportunities.

Program-oriented choice – IMV
For you who want to attend a national vocational program or university preparatory program but do not have full eligibility.

However, you must have:
Approved grades in Swedish or Swedish as a second language as well as English or mathematics and in at least four other subjects or

Approved grades in Swedish or Swedish as a second language, English and mathematics and in at least three other subjects.

Individual alternative – IMA
Individual alternative is open to young people who do not have the approved grades required for eligibility for a vocational program. The purpose of the individual alternative is for the students to move on to other further education. Individual alternatives are characterized by a high degree of individualisation and are designed based on the individual student’s conditions and needs.

Language introduction – IMS
The purpose of language introduction is to give newly arrived young people an education with an emphasis on the Swedish language, which makes it possible for you to go on to upper secondary school or other education.

In addition to nature science subjects and mathematics, the science program also includes language, social science subjects and sports and health. Experimental work with modern equipment is an important part of the training.

As an in-depth program, you can, among other things, choose to study the subject of biotechnology, where you can, for example, analyze DNA from your own cells and grow luminous bacteria. You can also deepen and broaden your knowledge in biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics.

The science program gives you a broad study preparation education, also for further studies in other subject areas than the nature sciences. You get admission to almost all higher education programs. You get direct access to study further to, for example, a doctor, lawyer, veterinarian and civil engineer. The science program opens many doors to future studies both in Sweden and abroad.

The restaurant and food program at Björknäsgymnasiet is aimed at all students who are interested in learning basic skills in cooking and serving and then take a vocational degree. This degree leads to work in the restaurant industry immediately after school. In the program, you read theory interspersed with the practical topics. During the three years you study with us, you have the opportunity to read the courses required for basic eligibility to apply to university and college.

The restaurant and food program in Boden has extensive experience of internships locally, regionally or abroad. Over the years, we have had students who have done their internships in New York, France, England and on Åland to give some examples.

Restaurant Viljan is our restaurant where we serve lunches and dinners in a nice environment. The restaurant is KRAV-certified and

uses locally produced products as much as possible. We make sure you can work at the simplest lunch restaurant for a big gala dinner like the Nobel dinner.

The social sciences program provides good preparation for colleges and universities through, among other things, studies in psychology, social sciences, entrepreneurship and languages.

The specialization in social sciences gives you knowledge of people’s living conditions based on individual, group and social level. You can broaden and deepen your understanding of societal issues by interpreting and explaining phenomena and contexts.

Our way of working and our courses give you a social science education with a profile aimed at behavioral science and leadership and with a focus on a global future. This means, among other things, that you study three courses in psychology and also have the opportunity to choose studies in criminology at the same time as you through courses in social studies, history, religion and geography get a global foundation to stand on.

Young entrepreneurship is carried out as upper secondary school work in year 3. This adds a more practical element to an education that is mainly theoretical. In YE, you get to practice starting and running your own company during the academic year.

Here at Björknäsgymnasiet we have two specializations of the Technology program: Information and media technology and Design and
product development. We have teachers with experience, innovation and good skills. We have two multimedia halls with software just for the needs of the technology program.

During all three years, we work with various interdisciplinary innovation projects and we participate in competitions. When students go to grade three, all YE companies run. Then they spend a whole day a week on entrepreneurship and technology development.

Our technology program is certified and part of the Technical College, which has given us a good collaboration with local companies (own industry council), Luleå University of Technology and other high schools in the region.

Then they spend a whole day a week on entrepreneurship and technology development. We have ten places for students who want to study for upper secondary school engineers in game development. The training is conducted at Boden Business Park.

The treatment and care program is aimed at you who want to work with health care, psychiatry, elderly care and with people who have functional variations. The education will develop your knowledge of and skills in care, nursing and treatment and provide knowledge about health, ill health and functional variations. Through the treatment and care program, work is done to preserve or restore people’s health and support their ability to develop their resources. The work is based on a view of people that emphasizes people’s equal value, human dignity, quality of life and well-being.

You do workplace learning (APL) all three years in the Treatment and care program. In total, you must be at least 15 weeks on APL. You do your APL in home care, in nursing homes, in LSS activities, psychiatry and in the hospital. You also have the opportunity to achieve basic university eligibility during your education in upper secondary school.

The treatment and care program at Björknäsgymnasiet is a certified Treatment and care college. This means increased collaboration between school and working life. In addition, it will increase the quality of education and create attractive jobs in health and care.

For those of you who have attended special primary school or are enrolled in special school, we offer two national programs and an individual program.

Crafts and production
The program for crafts and production is a vocational program. After completing the program, students must have knowledge of work with, for example, manufacturing and assembly.

Tasks in the professional area are, for example, product production, welding as well as design. For work in the professional area, you must develop knowledge about the entire production process, from idea to finished product, as well as about the equipment’s function, use and care. The education should also develop your ability to choose and use tools, materials and techniques. We also work with entrepreneurship to collaborate, meet customers and learn about entrepreneurship.

Workplace learning must be included in the program. Workplace learning should contribute to students developing professional skills and a professional identity, as well as understanding the professional culture and becoming part of the professional community in a workplace. Therefore, work environment issues are important in the program and this to learn to avoid future work injuries and to promote good health.

Administration, trade and goods handling
The program for administration, trade and goods handling is a vocational program. After completing the program, students must have knowledge of work with administration, trade and goods handling.

The education shall develop the students’ skills in performing tasks in administration, trade and goods handling where service and communication are central. We also work with entrepreneurship to collaborate, meet customers and learn about entrepreneurship.

The education should also develop your knowledge of laws and other regulations in the professional field. The education must provide knowledge of labor law and the work environment. You will gain knowledge about what affects health and well-being in working life. Workplace learning must be included in the program.

Individual program

In the individual program, you study subject areas instead of courses. You work on developing your language and how you can converse with others. You learn about mathematics that you need in your everyday life. Nature and society is also one of our subject areas, just like home and consumer knowledge and sports and health. Together with others, you get to think and talk in the education about issues that concern your life. We also work with film, music, games and magazines. You will learn to be able to show others what you think and feel with the help of, for example, dance, image, music and theater. You gain knowledge that will give you opportunities to manage your home, your daily finances and your health.

It starts here

Björknäsgymnasiet is Boden’s largest growth community. With us, you grow both as an individual and as a human being. Doors open here and opportunities are created through our educations where you yourself have every chance to influence your future. We are a collection of people who together will inspire, support and challenge you all the way. Welcome!

Application and admission

Between the four municipalities in northern Sweden, there is a collaboration agreement which means that you as a student can freely apply for the education you want in the area. This regardless of whether it is a national program or a special variant.

Within the collaborating municipalities of Boden, Luleå, Piteå and Älvsbyn, there is a rich range of upper secondary education. Admission is handled jointly and if you want to read more about the application and admission to the high school, do so at . If you live outside of these municipalities (Boden, Luleå, Piteå and Älvsbyn), you make your application via your study and career counselor.

Sports specializations

Björknäsgymnasiet has several options for you who are interested in sports. Here are nationally approved sports educations for elite investments in handball and biathlon as well as locally designed sports educations with ice hockey, football and horseback riding on the schedule.

The goal of sports education is for you to develop as a person and gain good knowledge both in school and in your sport.

If you are active in any sport and are interested in combining a continued investment in your sport with studies, contact your special association or the school directly before you apply for upper secondary school, and you will receive further information.

Local student health

At Björknäsgymnasiet we are five special educators and two special teachers in mathematics. We collaborate with teachers and mentors at the school so that you as a student can learn in the best way. We collaborate with school nurses, curators, study counselors, school management and external bodies in purpose to develop the school’s learning environment, so that it is felt safe and suitable for all students.