Build your dream house

Build your dream house

Boden is in a very expansive phase, there are many who move here to build their own dream house. Then it is lucky that it is both easy and cheap, we have no queues to buying a plot of land and are the fastest in the country on building permits.

In Boden, there is no plot queue, when we release new buildable plots, it is instead first come first served who gets the chance to buy land. In addition, the prices are favorable and Boden has for several years been named Sweden’s best and fastest at handling building permits.

Boden municipality often has available plots, both centrally and in the countryside, here you have the chance to build your dream house, close to everything.

Sävast – building new

The area that has grown the most in recent years is Sävast. Our latest plot release was Brännan, which was sold and built in three stages. These plots sold out in just a few minutes and it’s not so strange, they are really nice plots with generous building rights right next to the sparkling Luleälven river. It is also close to a brand new pre-school, school, grocery store, golf course, exercise track, sports facilities, restaurants and the bustling business life at Boden Business Park .

In the future, another residential area is planned in Sävast, but feasibility studies are also underway for new residential areas elsewhere in the municipality, so keep an eye out for vacant plots to get your dream plot.

Best on building permits

The municipality of Boden has been named the municipality that is the best in Sweden on building permits. Flexible and generous building rights that are adapted to the customer and the availability of land are the recipe for success, something that goes hand in hand with the goal that it should be easy to run a company and build a house in Boden.

Interest in building new homes in Boden has grown. The pressure on the plots released so far almost broke the booking system and within minutes all the plots were sold. The municipality provides small plots, equestrian plots, industrial/combination plots and commercial plots.

The new residential areas enable new families to settle down, some move back to the municipality after years elsewhere, young couples create their first house of their own, others become new citizens of the municipality and appreciate the short commuting distance of 10-20 minutes to Sunderbyn and Luleå. Many who invest are also established residents who choose to finally build the house they have dreamed of all their lives. This, in turn, opens the door to generational and housing change, freeing up other housing options in the municipality.

In our database you can easily find our plots for sale and here you can also find information about the size and price. The map shows the available plots, their size and price. Small clients can be booked directly via the e-service.

The sale of small plots is only to private individuals with one plot per household. By booking via the e-service, you agree that the municipality will charge a booking fee of SEK 5,000. The booking fee is part of the purchase price and will be deducted from the total purchase price.