New Beachfront Plots Close to the City Center

Photo Mats Engfors/Fotographic

Do you want to live in a beautiful newly built house overlooking the river but still close to the city? Check this out! In child-friendly Trångfors, within cycling distance of central Boden, 38 new house plots are now being planned with really nice locations.

The Municipality of Boden publishes a detailed plan for 38 residential plots in the immediate vicinity of the Lule River for consultation. The plots are located next to the current housing area in Trångfors, four kilometres from central Boden. A variety of housing types are proposed, including townhouses/semi-detached/chained houses and detached villas.

The municipality aims to grow to 33 000 inhabitants by 2030. To realise the vision, it is important to get started and enable the construction of more housing. Boden’s in-depth master plan identifies Trångfors as a development area.

An attractive residential area

“We are pleased that we can now provide so many attractive plots. Boden is entering a period of intense growth, and varied and attractive forms of housing will be a success factor in the long-term goal of achieving our vision and population targets,” says Lars Andersson, Head of Planning and Development at Boden Municipality.

The development plan aims to develop the land in question in Trångfors into an attractive residential area and to make a pedestrian and cycle path along the river possible. It is also intended to allow for new housing of varying sizes, appropriate public spaces and to protect sensitive natural and cultural areas.

Beachfront locations near the river and the city, for those who want to build and live in houses with attractive locations.

Beachfront location

The residential area is planned between the Lule River and the English Channel, where there are a couple of football fields that are no longer in use. The municipality wants to lift the shoreline protection on parts of the area and allow the construction of villas closer than 100 meters from the river. This is because there is a housing shortage and the shoreline is already largely inaccessible as it consists of dense forest and steep slopes. A walking and cycling path is planned near the river to make it easier to enjoy nature and the waterfront.

The plan also identifies areas as nature and parks, suitable for children’s play and recreation. The English Channel has a cultural and historical value and will be preserved. A pedestrian and bicycle bridge is planned over the canal.

Plots with generous building rights

Those closest to the river are proposed to be built only as detached villas. Here, the plots will be large, at least 1000 square metres, and the houses can be up to 250 square metres, with a building height of 4.2 metres. Closer to the canal, buildings of 6.5 metres in height are permitted and, in addition to villas, townhouses, semi-detached houses and/or terraced houses are also allowed.

Living in Trångfors

Trångfors is a residential area located four kilometres west of central Boden. From here you can cycle into town in less than 15 minutes, unless you prefer to take the bus. A new preschool is being built in Trångfors and is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2023. The nearest school (for children 6 to 12 years old) is in Heden, 2.5 kilometres away.

Trångfors also has its own football club, Trångfors IF, with women’s and girls’ teams. There are also several playgrounds and proximity to jogging trails, snowmobile trails and a rich outdoor life.

In the area around Trångfors, many people live in houses built in the 1950s and 1960s. Here, the average living space is 46 square metres per person. The average income in the area is 31 014 SEK, which is 14% higher than the average salary in Sweden. The average price of a villa in the municipality of Bodensee is around SEK 2 million.

Building a house in Boden

Dreaming of building your own house? In Boden, you have good conditions to make your house dream come true. Read more about building a house in Boden here.

It may take a few years before the plots in Trångfors are ready for construction and go on sale. Even before that, the municipality of Boden has a varied range of plots for sale, both in the city and in the countryside. You can book your dream plot via the municipality of Boden’s “buy plot” e-service, where you can use your mobile bank ID to identify yourself and book online. Read more about buying a plot here.

Family looking at buildable plots in Boden.

To build a new house, you first need to apply for a building permit. The municipality of Boden is the fastest in Sweden at handling building permit applications. You can read more about building permits here.

In Boden there are several local house suppliers, such as Vittjärvshus, Norrläge, MBT Nord and Novahus. If you want architectural help with your house drawing, you can contact A and D Arkitektkontor or Sweco, which is located in Boden.

First step in the consultation process

The consultation is an early part of the planning process where interested parties have the opportunity to comment on the draft plan. A preliminary draft plan is shown for consultation. After consultation, the comments received are summarised in a consultation report, and the plan documents and the plan map are revised if necessary. A final proposal and comments received are shown for review. The City Council of Boden is expected to decide on the adoption of the detailed plan in spring 2023.

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