Newly built preschools

Newly built preschools

In Boden, we invest in our youngest citizens. Until 2025, we will spend SEK 250 million on building four new preschools. It is an investment that is unparalleled in our time in Norrbotten.

Our new preschools are built based on function, the children’s needs and the educators’ work environment. There are portals for different ages and places where the children can meet, furniture and windows at the children’s height and developing learning environments.

In the coming years, a new preschool is also planned in the Sanden area and in Trångfors. In addition, we are renovating and expanding three of our existing preschools.

At the same time, we are also investing in schools where, among other things, we are expanding Mårängskolan on Sävastön with a completely new school building and a better traffic solution.

The background is that we are becoming more and more residents in Boden and at the same time the groups of children in each class are to be reduced to 15 children. Two of the preschools are already ready, Björkdungen’s preschool in the center of the city and Lunda preschool in Sävast, which opened in February 2021.

New preschools

In total, the education administration is now investing around SEK 250 million in building four new preschools, which is the largest targeted investment in qualitative development for children and young people in Boden municipality. Björkdungen was completed in 2019. Lunda preschool was completed in 2021.

Apply on time

You who have children and plan to move to Boden must apply for a place at a preschool or after-school center at least four months before the desired placement date. You apply via our e-service. In Boden, all children are entitled to 15 hours of general and free preschool from the autumn term of the year the child turns three, regardless of whether the parents work or study.

Always nearby

There are as many as 13 municipal preschools around the municipality, so that you and your family can enjoy the local life and avoid busy mornings wherever you live. We also offer OB care for you who work evenings and weekends. In Boden there are also seven independent preschools and three educational activities.

Below you see a list of what will happen in the next few years. Changes until 2025. Every year, the objects are determined to ensure that the development follows the population forecast.

  • Björkdungen’s preschool, six portals
  • Kyrkkläppen’s preschool, four portals, closed for renovation 2022-2023
  • Rörviken preschool, four portals
  • Strandens preschool, four portals
  • New preschool in the Sanden area, eight portals, under planning for future projects.
  • Kristallkulan, seven portals
  • Perbackens preschool, two portals
  • Fagernäs preschool, five portals
  • New construction in Trångfors with six portals, is expected to be completed in the autumn of 2023. Trångfors, Hamptjärnmoran and Heden preschool will be closed in the autumn of 2023
  • Tallbacken’s preschool, four portals
  • Lunda preschool, eight portals
  • Örtavallen’s preschool, four portals, under planning for future renovation
  • Mumindalen preschool (Unbyn), two portals
  • Bredåker preschool (Södra Bredåker), three portals
  • Gunnarsbyn’s preschool (Gunnarsbyn), one portal

Individual activities are called preschools, leisure centers and educational care that are conducted privately or e.g. parent or staff cooperatives. If you want your / your children to start there, contact the preschool or educational care yourself.

  • Trollskogen (educational care)
  • Små hopp in Boden (educational care)
  • Vikingaskeppet’s family daycare (educational care)
  • BarnCompaniet (preschool)
  • Fröets preschool
  • Mimers Brunns preschool
  • Skogså preschool
  • Svartlå preschool
  • Kids Corner (preschool)

OB care

The municipality of Boden offers guardians who work evenings and weekends care for children during times when the preschool and after-school center are not open. The activity is aimed at families whose children are enrolled in preschool or leisure time, children 1-12 years.

The staff who work with us are trained and have experience of children and care. The activities are based on the children and the weekends are planned according to the children’s needs and wishes as well as conditions. Outdoor activities, excursions, games and help with homework are examples of activities. All the day’s meals are served and the food is prepared by chefs at the preschool.

Today, OB care’s activities are at Kyrkkläppen’s preschool. From March 2022, Kyrkkäppen’s preschool will be completely renovated. As a result, OB care is moving its operations permanently to Björkdungen’s preschool. Björkdungen’s preschool is also a newly renovated preschool.

When assessing the need for space, the municipality of Boden is always based on the child’s best interests, and the assessment is always based on the child staying with a guardian when the other is at work.

When you apply for a place at Ob care, it is important that you read the guidelines that are available and that you make a complete application. If the application is not complete, it can not be processed. Both guardians must agree that the application is made and approved. When deciding on a place, it is limited either by time or in accordance with fixed-term employment. You can read more about this in our guidelines.

How to apply:

  • Use the form for application for ob-care (Both guardians must sign the application)

  • Attach employer certificate stating work with ob-times (certificate for both guardians)

  • Attach working hours schedule for at least six weeks
    (schedule for both guardians)

Submit a complete application (incl. Appendices) to Medborgarservice or send to:

The labor market and education administration

Education Administration

Föskola och fritidshem
961 86 Boden

The place can be used during verified working hours including travel time. Schedule must be submitted to staff at OB no later than two weeks in advance. In the event of an urgent need, notification must be made no later than 48 hours in advance. If the need arises after the 48-hour limit, space can only be used if it is practically possible for the OB business.

The preschool’s task is to, in close collaboration with the home, promote a comprehensive, social, physical and linguistic development in each child. The work takes place in accordance with the 1998 curriculum for preschool. Play, the basis for development and learning, is a dominant element in the organization. Our preschool staff works under confidentiality in accordance with the Secrecy Act. In the event of suspicion that children are being harmed, our staff has a duty to report in accordance with the Social Services Act.

Work against abusive treatment

No children should be subjected to abusive treatment or exclusion. All adults act clearly to show that this is not tolerated and follow the current equal treatment plan. At Boden’s preschools, there is zero tolerance.

Influence and participation

Dialogue and participation for children / young people, educators and parents is a matter of course for the municipal activities. With us, parents are offered a variety of opportunities for participation, e.g. daily positive dialogues with our employees and participation in the Works Council.

Parents of children in preschool feel that they have influence over the activities.

We offer you as a guardian at least two development talks per year about your child.

Lifelong learning

The preschool lays the foundation for lifelong learning that is fun, safe and educational. The preschool must offer the children a good educational activity with a safe environment that at the same time challenges and attracts play and activity.

Safe environment

Children in our preschools have a safe indoor and outdoor environment.