Mumindalen preschool

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Mumindalens preschool in Unbyn is beautifully located on the south side of the Lule River, midway between Boden and Luleå. It is about 15 km to Boden and about 25 km to Luleå. The preschool consists of two portals, Little My for the youngest children and Moomin for the older ones.

Each portal has three educators and the departments work very closely together. All food at the preschool is prepared by our own chef and served daily just before 11:00.

The location of the preschool with nature as our closest neighbor gives us great conditions. Our local environment offers us exciting excursions in the forest and countryside, with many opportunities for educational outdoor spaces.

At the preschool, we learn, among other things, to work together and be considerate to each other. We also want to challenge the children in their learning and constantly work to develop them on all fronts. Diversity is important to us, and allowing everyone to be themselves is a matter of course for us.

Creation, language, movement, mathematics, nature and technology are some of the areas that are always worked on in different forms of expression.

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