Non-profit associations

Non-profit associations

A strong civil society and a rich leisure time in the community with meaningful activities are important prerequisites for people to develop and thrive in a place. In Boden, we have a fantastic non-profit association life and are close to our passionate volunteers, role models and athletes. That’s what we call #Närhetsliv.

There are plenty of strong volunteers here who give tirelessly and generously of their time to make Boden a good place to live. Thanks to them, residents have great opportunities for recreation, exercise, culture, community and new experiences – everywhere in the municipality, both in the city center and in the countryside. A vibrant association life also requires good relations between the non-profit and the public, between the non-profit associations and the municipality. It is here in Boden, where we are close to natural meeting places and in close contact with both decision-makers and enthusiasts that things happen. That’s why we’re especially proud that Boden was recently named Sweden’s most association-friendly municipality.

Are you one of our 300 or so associations?

Boden’s civil society, with enormous voluntary forces, is really worth showing off. On this page you will find some of our associations and how to contact them. Does your association want to be visible here? Submit material here

Cultural non-profit associations

Boden’s cultural associations are active in many different areas, such as art, music, performing arts and cultural history, and enable a rich and varied cultural life throughout the municipality.The associations help you to practice culture by creating and producing activities such as painting, dancing or playing instruments. They also enable you to consume experiences as a spectator or audience member. Cultural associations contribute to social sustainability and enable inclusive meeting places.

Non-profit sport associations

In Boden you are always close to a rich leisure time, whether you are a beginner, a happy exerciser or want to go far. There are a remarkable number of sports clubs for the size of the town and a wide range of activities for children and young people who want to try out a variety of sports. You can try everything from floorball, basketball and swimming to cheerleading, slalom, motor sports, mountain biking, archery and e-sports – and everything in between. It’s up to you.

A strong sporting tradition with a broad youth focus also brings success at higher levels. We see this not least in the crowd favourites Boden Handboll, BBK Fotboll, Boden Hockey, but the people of Boden also show great success in motor sports, bowling, weightlifting and slalom, shooting and much more.

If you like horses, you’ve come to the right place. Boden is the most horse-oriented municipality in northern Sweden and the equestrian life is an integral part of the urban planning. An important piece of the puzzle is Boden’s Riding Club, which trains eager new riders, but there are also other associations and actors who make jumping, pony trotting, trotting, dressage and western riding possible.

Here we see diversity as an asset and work actively to ensure that everyone has the opportunity for active leisure – no matter where in the municipality you live, how old you are, where you come from or what your disability is. Among other things, Dance Direction Association is investing in dance classes for people with disabilities, and BBK football and Boden City FC are showing how sport can be a good way to integration.

Did you know that we became Sweden's most association-friendly municipality 2020?

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Village and local non-profit associations

Local and village associations in Boden contribute to sustainable community development. Local associations keep alive old methods of craftsmanship, building and farming. In this way, knowledge is preserved for a future in which careful environmental impact and wise management of the earth’s resources are increasingly important.

With their voluntary efforts, village associations contribute to a more vibrant countryside and strengthen social sustainability. By working locally and creating important meeting places, they provide a link for local residents.

Non-profit interest associations

If you’re looking for community and want to meet others who share your interests or life situation, chances are you’ll find it in Boden. Maybe you can learn something completely new? Here you will find associations in everything from board games, roll-play, chess and bridge to vintage cars, lectures, beekeeping, photography and film. There is an active gardening society, a pensioners’ association, a couple of radio clubs and much more.

Närhetsliv - a tribute to our volunteers

Boden’s civil society, with its enormous voluntary forces, is truly worthy of praise. That’s why every three years we organise a tribute to them. The tribute was held for the first time in November 2019 (#Närhestliv 2019) and was an appreciated initiative, both by the associations and the residents.

Leisure and outdoor non-profit associations

In Boden, the outdoors is everywhere: riding trails, snowmobile trails, exercise trails and walking trails, nature, swimming, camping and fishing opportunities are available in many places around the municipality. If you want to enjoy it with others, there are many associations to join. Scouts, Friluftsfrämjandet, Boden’s snowmobile association, the Nature Protection Association, to name a few. There are also other ways to enjoy the outdoors, Boden municipality has many snowmobile associations that prep our trails making nature more accessible in winter.

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