Boden Snowmobile Association

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We maintain and groom about 30 miles of snowmobile trails starting from the central city. The trails extend in all directions and allow you to explore Bodens municipality. If you drive towards Storklinten you will pass our nice and well visited Svedeakoja in Krokträsk, if you drive towards Sunderbyn/Luleå you will pass Gruvberget, Sävast skoterkoja and Sunderby skoterkoja, among others. You can also drive Malmens väg. You can find the map at

With non-profit forces and with the membership fee you pay, we do our very best to ensure that snowmobilers, skiers and walkers have the best conditions for a wonderful nature experience.

We also organise some events during the season, so keep an eye on our Facebook.

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Bodens Snowmobile Association, non-profit association of the year 2019.

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