Boden Martial Arts Association

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Martial arts association founded in 1988. At present, the association conducts styles in Ashihara karate (full contact karate) not to be confused with WKF (competitive karate) where contact is prohibited. This style is practised by the Boden Karate Club. MMA (Mixed martial arts) and BJJ (Brazilian jiu Jitsu).

We train at Hildursborg and the newly built martial arts center. We have two large rooms with soft and comfortable carpet. Nice space outside where you can both watch and socialize.

Ashihara karate has been with the association since its inception in 1988. The main focus of this style is self-defence that works on the street. Everything is allowed. Of course, everything is trained with control to avoid injuries. In addition to punches and kicks, throws, grabs, knees, elbows are used. Competition is full contact and the rules (knockdown).

This style is among the hardest you can train in martial arts in almost all of Sweden. The association has both World Cup gold and World Championship silver as late as 2021. Our sister/brother club in Luleå has World Championship Silver and SM Gold 2021. We have internationally skilled instructors and fighters. One of the world’s highest graded sensei is also in Ashihara in Boden. The association also received two new black belts in the summer of 2022. They had to grade in front of Kancho who is the founder of the style from Japan.

We run activities for this section Children 7-12 years and Youth/Adult 13 years and up.
The children’s group is constantly growing in popularity.


From 12 years and up.
Mixed martial arts is a section that is constantly growing in popularity. It mixes standing fighting with grappling (BJJ). As MMA is focused on competition, it is trained accordingly. Unlike Ashihara karate, there are rules here about what you can and cannot do.

BJJ 7 years and up.

This section is popular with many children and the group grows every year.
BJJ is self-defence on the ground. The idea is to use holds and locks to make the opponent give up.

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