Beautifully located condominiums

Beautifully located condominiums

Boden offers a wide range of condominiums, whether you want to live centrally with a beautiful view or if you like space and a patio.

In Boden there are 1,746 condominium apartments. The average price of a condominium is SEK 925,000 and the average price per square metre is SEK 13,500.

Most condominium apartments are located in central Boden. Here you can live comfortably with everything you need within walking distance. From higher apartment buildings you can enjoy views of city life, towards parks and green areas or towards Bodträsket or the glistening waters of Bodån.

Cozy townhouses

Terraced, semi-detached or terraced housing is a type of housing that is growing in popularity and we are seeing more of this type of housing in future developments. Today you can find these types of apartments in Sävast, Södra Svartbyn, Erikslund, Bodforsen and Bodsvedjan, among other places, but also in the more central parts of Boden. With a private entrance and patio and several well-planned rooms, you can live with a sense of villa life, but with the convenience of the condominium.


Living in a condominium is popular. And it’s no wonder, here you have great freedom and the opportunity to influence your own living. You decide on minor repairs and renovations yourself and can thus put your own stamp on your home and in Boden municipality there are many good housing cooperatives.

Boden offers everything from townhouses in green idylls, to apartments with modern architecture, open floor plans and minimalist style.

The easiest way to find a condominium in Boden is via the internet services Hemnet, Booli, Blocket Bostad or our local estate agents; Fastighetsbyrån, Angeläget, Husman Hagberg or Svensk Fastighetsförmedling.

Fun fact: On average, each resident has 46 square meters of living space, regardless of the type of housing. In Stockholm, the figure is 33 and Gothenburg residents live on average 36 square metres per person.