Found a home with all the right things

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When the dream of house life would come true, the choice fell on a newly produced villa in Sävast. Hang out with Zabrina Dixon Johansson and Robin Lundgren. Here is everything they wanted.

At first glance, the house on Brännan does not look so remarkable, a white single-storey house among several in the neighborhood. But when you step in, you end up in a large and open kitchen and living room with full ceiling height up to the ridge, good light and both space and coziness.

– We like that it looks quite common and then you come in and say “Well, okay! Is that what it looks like? ” It felt just right with the floor plan and materials. I like this surface, this room. It feels very nice, social and cozy, says Robin.

It was that feeling that made them fall for the newly produced house, placed a bid just below the starting price and wrote on the papers a year and a half ago. At that time, they lived in a condominium in Luleå and felt that it was time to take the next step in the housing ladder, test house life and have their own garden to take care of.

– We are from Luleå and were thinking of building in Luleå, but it was difficult to find a plot there, so we applied here. We looked at plots here as well, but then we found this house that felt just right, says Zabrina.

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Close to home

A couple of friends live on the same street and who Robin and Zabrina used to visit. It is largely thanks to them that the idea of turning to Sävast came up.

– We wanted to live a bit outside of all the hustle and bustle and be close to walking paths and forests, says Robin.

– There is everything here, preschool, gym, Ica, restaurant, it’s really perfect. What we want is close. All our requirements were met when we found this, says Zabrina.

At one end of the house there is a larger bedroom, bathroom and laundry room and in the opposite direction there is a part with two bedrooms, office, living room, a smaller bathroom and walk-in closet.

– I like that it is open in the ceiling, that there is a kitchen and living room in one, large windows and that there are two parts of the house, an adult part and a child part. If we are going to have children in the future, it feels good to have space, says Zabrina.

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Cosy and homely home

When they moved in, all the walls were painted white, so the first step was to add a little more color and repaint some rooms in shades of beige, gray and greige. In the bedroom, they have put up moldings and mirrors on the walls and also made their own headboard in velvet with brass studs.

– When it’s new production, you want to make it a little more cozy and this did quite a lot. I want it to feel homely and cozy, says Zabrina.

She is a creative person with a great interest in interior design and gets many ideas from Instagram and Pinterest but also from nature and the job as a hairdresser.

– I get extremely many ideas and think about the next thing all the time. I love the modern but at the same time I also like older furniture. We try to bring in a lot of nature and wood, says Zabrina.

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Modifies furniture

Both she and Robin enjoy building, creating and remodeling and many of their furniture has been recast to their style. The black display cabinet has been painted, the sideboard next to the dining area has new doors and some armchairs have been dressed in white teddy fabric.

An eye-catcher that sets the tone in the kitchen is the kitchen island’s wooden panel, created from standing stained ribs. The couple has built the rustic dining table together and the living room tables have been made by Zabrina from second-hand-shopped glass tops, a pot and leca blocks.

The couple is currently drawing a garage to be built this summer. When the heat and sun get serious, they long to use the balconies from east to west and enjoy the nightlife in the garden.

– We thrive very well here, they say.


The family / Zabrina Dixon Johansson, 25 years old, self-employed hairdresser, Robin Lundgren, 26 years old, real estate coordinator, and the dog Wera, a Pomeranian who will soon turn 3.

The house / Single-storey house of 147 square meters divided into six rooms and a kitchen. The house was bought newly built in 2019 by the Piteå-based company Lundqvist Trävaru.

The area / The house is located in the new residential area Brännan in Sävast, 8 kilometers south of Boden. In Sävast, there are three preschools, a school for year F-9, a grocery store, gym, restaurants, and a number of companies and educations at Boden Business Park. Here you will also find a golf course, electric light trails, football pitches, sports halls, snowmobile trails and of course the forest and the Lule River very close by. You have 10 minutes to Boden, 25 minutes to Luleå, there are plenty of buses and you can easily reach the rest of the world by train and plane. #

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Available plots in Boden.

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