Close to our elementary school

Close to our elementary school

In the municipality of Boden, we value lifelong learning of all pupils and children, build faith in the future and give them tools and conditions to influence their own future. In the municipality of Boden, there are both municipal and independent primary schools. You can wish which primary school your child should go to.

We want all children to feel a sense of community, participation and security, which is why the values work is important. During the preschool class year, your child gets to know students and staff at the school, which is a good preparation for the start of school. A day in preschool class is about five hours. Preschool class is compulsory for all children in the year the child turns 6 years old. This means that the child has compulsory schooling from the age of 6 and fulfills this obligation in preschool class. For this reason, offer will not come to be sent out to guardians. Guardians will instead receive a placement notice to the school located in the admission area where the child is registered.

New Mårängskolan

Sävast is Boden’s fastest growing area and it is noticeable not least at Mårängskolan which is starting to get too crowded. Therefore, Måräng is the first to receive an update when we now review the municipality’s primary schools. We started the construction in 2021 of a new school building on two floors with, among other things, a classroom, dining room and gymnasium. The building will be a complement to the current premises, which will also be renovated.

Year F-6

In the municipality of Boden, there are nine municipal F-6 schools. With us, your child should feel safe, experience community and participation and have curiosity and desire to learn. We always take as a starting point your child’s needs, interests and previous knowledge.

Grades 7-9

In the municipality of Boden there are two high schools. Stureskolan and Brönjaskolan. Stureskolan is located in the center and Brönjaskolan is located in Sävast, about 8 km from Boden center.

Study and career guidance

In the Municipality of Boden, study and career guidance is given to all students in grades 7, 8 and 9. The guidance activities are different depending on the year the student is in. Study and career counselors guide and inform students and guardians individually and in groups about the students’ future study paths and professional life. The goal of the guidance activities is for the students to be able to make a well-founded choice for upper secondary school and prepare them for a future professional life. This is done by supporting, strengthening and sharing knowledge about the alternatives.

  • Mårängsskolan: Sävast, Sävast ön, Gamla Sävast
  • Heden’s school: Heden, Bredåker, Brännberg, Hamptjärnmoran, Vittjärv, Trångfors, Vändträsk, Mockträsk
  • Torpgärdsskolan: Torpgärdan, Södra Svartbyn, Norra Svartbyn, Bodsvedjan, Bodforsen, Skogså, Gemträsk
  • Svartbjörnsbyn School: Svartbjörnsbyn, Buddbyn
  • Prästholmsskolan: Prästholmen, Centrum, Sanden, Sveafältet (Upper district), Björkelund
  • Fagernäs school: Fagernäs, Erikslund
  • Harads school: Harads, Sandträsk, Svartlå
  • Unbyn’s school: Unbyn
  • Älvskolan: Gunnarsbyn
  • Information before the upper secondary school applications
  • Educational paths and qualifications
  • Career choice and labor market
  • PRAO
  • Guidance talks individually and in groups
  • Guidance exercises
  • Industry days / exhibitions
  • Program visits and study visits to upper secondary schools within the square

Student health

Health and learning go hand in hand. Student health in the municipality of Boden works to ensure that all students manage school as well as possible. If you feel good, you usually do better in school and if you do well in school, you usually feel better. It is important that everyone enjoys themselves and feels safe at school.

The school counselor, school nurse, school doctor, school psychologist and special educator work in student health. As a student, you can contact your school nurse or school counselor at your school at any time.