Mimers brunn age 6 to 12

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Within Mimers Vittjärv is the independent school Mimers Brunn with children from age 6 to age 12. There is also the preschool Vittjärvsgården with the departments Hugin, Munin and Oden and the preschool Klätterträdet with two departments in Norra Svartbyn. Mimer’s leisure facilities are located in the school premises.

Our profile

In our Bifrost inspiring approach, we work with cross-curricular themes in different workshops where children and students can use their creativity and all their senses. Their ideas, curiosity and desire to learn are our starting point. We also prioritize activity and outdoor life with regular outdoor activities, play, adventure and education in nature.

School meals

Most food is prepared from scratch by our chefs in our own kitchen.


  • All pupils should feel involved in their education and school situation. Working methods should be democratic… Pupils’ curiosity and desire to learn should result in good and lasting knowledge.
  • Pupils’ ideas and the needs, interests and abilities of individuals should be the starting point for a comprehensive education with a high degree of individualization.
  • Teaching should be varied and satisfy different learning styles. Pupils should try and develop different forms of expression and use all their senses to acquire knowledge.
  • Physical activity and outdoor recreation improve students’ health and quality of life.

Outdoor life

Exercise and outdoor life are important for health and physical and mental well-being. Through daily outdoor activities, we want to encourage students to develop a lasting interest in physical activity and responsibility for their own health, thereby improving their quality of life. By prioritizing this, we also create the conditions to strengthen the community among students. We also link to the strong cultural traditions of our society in terms of spending time in nature. It helps to raise awareness of the importance of protecting and caring for nature and the environment.

About bifrost

The Bifrost school in Denmark was started in 1987 by a group of enthusiastic teachers and parents. Cross-curricular themes are used to inspire students to formulate their own questions and tasks to work on. Knowledge is derived from an understandable context and children’s interests are guided by the principle that children are competent, curious and want to learn.

Bifrost-inspired approaches have been widely adopted in Sweden and soon there will be schools in every municipality wanting to or already working in a Bifrost-inspired way. The approach implements the national curriculum’s objectives of democratic, individualized and interdisciplinary working methods.

Our bifrost-inspired approach

Each semester, teachers choose a theme that forms the basis for a cross-curricular and all-round education. The theme should serve as a source of inspiration and provoke ideas and questions from students. We start with a “happening” or cultural experience to introduce the theme and to arouse students’ curiosity. Then everyone comes together to take part in the theme and students give ideas and suggestions on what we can work on.

Educators take the students’ suggestions and develop basic courses and workshop work. The work is based on curriculum objectives and pupils’ needs. In the basic groups, we work on general courses related to the theme, basic knowledge that everyone should learn. We have three workshops, a reading and writing workshop, a studio for artistic creation and a laboratory workshop.

In the workshops, students can explore their own questions, individually or in groups. Each session ends with a presentation and evaluation. Students also traditionally work from textbooks on the objectives that are not currently covered by the current theme.

Each semester ends with a major exhibition where students present, perform and showcase their work to interested parties. Regular and clear documentation, discussion and follow-up of the objectives make students engaged and aware.

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