Lunda preschool

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Lunda preschool is beautifully located in central Sävast. We are a preschool with 8 portals, with our youngest children on the lower level and our oldest on the upper level. We have two squares to gather around, two studios and a carpentry workshop, and a restaurant. The preschool is surrounded by nature and we are close to nice hiking areas.

Sometimes we may face a fear of our relatively large size but we see it as an opportunity. We manage to create the ‘small’ in the ‘big’ and our children meet almost only regular staff. In the organization and structure, we have created the smaller context for the individual child. Quality is high because the number of staff leads to good opportunities for peer learning and exchange. Together with the staff, the quality developers, coordinators and head teachers lead the work in the preschool.

Our staff are mostly preschool teachers and we also have childcare workers in our team. All staff are of mixed ages, have different lengths of service, different knowledge banks and experience from different kindergartens. All this we work together to create our Lunda preschool, which will be a preschool that has managed to mix all the best into our concept and our foundation. As we work together, we arrive at an approach, a learning environment, a view of children and a set of values that form the basis of what we stand for.

Offering children safety, care and learning is our mission. We want your child to be able to succeed in preschool, eventually in school and in life. We are the start of their journey through the education system and, of course, we should create a desire and joy in learning. Language and movement are important to us and something we work a lot on.

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