Bredåkers preschool

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Bredåker preschool is located next to the Lule River in Södra Bredåker, about 20 km northwest of Boden. The preschool has three departments, Skogen, Älven and Gläntan, with 17 places in each department for children aged 1-5 years. The Gläntan is an independent building where the oldest children carry out most of their activities.

Our educational activities and documentation are anchored in the Education Act, in the preschool curriculum, municipal guidelines and through our local activity plan.

Our work is based on the fact that children are competent and want to learn. We want to provide a fun and challenging environment to promote play, imagination and creativity. We want to create a safe atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable, has fun together and develops. We want parental involvement to be an important part of the preschool’s work. The staff has specialized training at Luleå University in Reading and Writing Development and Mathematics in Preschool. The preschool has been awarded the Sustainable Development Award.

The preschool serves home-cooked food prepared in the preschool’s own kitchen.

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