Fagernäs school

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Fagernäs skola is a primary school with about 160 pupils from age 6 to 12. The school, built in 1953, is located about 2 km from the center of Boden.

The main building contains classrooms, group rooms, a dining room, a library, craft rooms, a home economics room and a music room. A separate building houses the school’s sports hall.

The school has three recreational departments, Örtagården (age 6-7), Solgården (age 8-12) and Kryddgården.

In our large, beautiful schoolyard there is a football pitch, climbing frame, swings, zipline, maze and large open areas for play. In winter, there is a flushed skating rink, elevated ski tracks and, of course, glorious snowballs. In the surrounding area there are natural areas suitable for excursions and outdoor activities all year round.


The school has a special education group, Kryddgården, for pupils with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) with 10 places open to applications from schools in the municipality of Boden.

Our vision and profile

Our vision for the school is the starting point for where we aim to go with our daily work and development efforts. Our vision applies to both staff and students. At Fagernäs School and Leisure Center we are exploratory, value-creating, interactive and full of faith in the future. We have confidence in ourselves and a high level of competence to meet the challenges of the future.

To get closer to our vision, all development work and activities at the school are driven by our keywords; We think – We try – We create, which reflects our belief that learning takes place through the individual exploring his/her environment and inner self (thoughts and feelings) by using his/her experiences, information and perceptions. The student then uses this to create their own subjective understanding of the context.

Priority areas for development

To develop teaching, we have six priority development areas at the school and in the after-school care center. The long-term work of implementing the different perspectives in teaching is organized before each academic year, with a specific focus on the work of the academic year. In brief, our priority areas for development are as follows:

  • special education for learning
  • entrepreneurial/exploratory learning
  • areas of knowledge
  • approach
  • digitalization
  • subject-related areas of development

Effects of teaching

All teaching in schools and after-school care centers aims to achieve the learning objectives in schools and after-school care centers described in our steering documents (LGR11). To achieve these, we believe that the nature of teaching described below is necessary for students to reach their learning goals. Teaching therefore always aims to include the following perspectives:

  • Students are more interested, excited and motivated to learn more.
  • Learning is understandable and visible to students
  • Students learn from and with each other
  • Learning is focused on understanding
  • Pupils are active in their learning, and feel safe and connected.


There are many elements that are important to achieve our vision and the effects we believe will lead to student achievement in learning. A particularly important part is our approach to learning and development.

  • We believe that with the right conditions and support, all students have the ability to learn. Our starting point is to shape teaching, the physical learning environment and our approach based on students’ needs and conditions.
  • We have meaningfulness, comprehensibility and manageability as keywords in the design of teaching and the implementation of learning situations.
  • We promote by paying attention to students’ efforts and behaviors that promote learning.
  • We strive for good relationships with students through conscious relationship building and convey a desire for students to succeed, and for teachers, students and parents to be on the same page and working towards the same goals.
  • We attach great importance to our basic values, where our goal is that you as a student, every day, should feel safe at school and feel a sense of belonging with other students and adults both during school hours and leisure time.
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