Hedforsen preschool

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Hedforsen preschool is located in the residential area of Trångfors about 4.5 km from central Boden. The preschool is located close to nature and invites exploratory learning.

We are a preschool with 6 portals for children aged 1-5 years. On the ground floor you will find the Mossan and Ljungen portals where our youngest children attend. On the upper level, the portals are the Brook, the Stream, the Ravine and the Wave for the older children.

Outdoor activities are held in a limited area that is divided for younger and older children with adapted play equipment. The preschool has two squares to gather around, a studio and a carpentry workshop. There is also a water play room and a restaurant. The learning environment at the preschool offers good opportunities for learning both inside and outside.

Hedforsen preschool

Sometimes we face a fear of the size of the preschool, but we see it as an opportunity. We manage to create the ‘small’ in the ‘big’, and see the benefits of the small preschool in the potential of the larger preschool. In organization and structure, we have created a smaller context for the individual child.

Our children meet almost only regular staff. Quality is high because the number of staff leads to good opportunities for peer learning and exchange. The staff team consists of approximately 18 full-time positions with trained preschool teachers and childcare workers. Together with the staff, quality developers, coordinators and head teachers lead the work of the preschool.

Our educational activities and documentation are based on the Education Act, the preschool curriculum, municipal guidelines and our local activity plan.We have educational play material that is available to everyone and learning environments that stimulate children’s play and development at all ages. We offer educational activities based on our governing document Curriculum for preschool, Lpfö 18.

Offering children safety, care and learning is our mission. We want your child to be able to succeed in early childhood education and care, and build skills for school and beyond. We are the start of your child’s journey through the education system and of course we want to make learning fun and enjoyable during your child’s time at our preschool.

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