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Prästholmsskolan is located in the lower part of Boden, about 100 meters from the beautiful Brännastrand in the center of Boden. The outdoor environment is beautiful and consists of grassy areas, playgrounds, play structures to provide good opportunities for play.

Our school is divided into three buildings, the main building, the Prinsenhuset and a building with sports, woodwork and a restaurant. The buildings are adjacent to each other. Prästholmsskolan is an age 6 to 12 school with a primary and special needs school integrated into the buildings.

It brings together different experiences and knowledge to shape ideas and thoughts about the future. The school’s work is characterized by a language development approach where teachers use genre pedagogy as a method. Learning from each other in a multicultural context is a great asset in our school. Vernissage, Open House and concerts are windows to showcase some of the students’ work. The internal school environment and a strong pedagogical commitment are good conditions for learning.

The vision of Prästholmsskolan

Prästholmsskolan is a school that gives students security in everyday life and where we focus on good knowledge in Swedish, mathematics and English. This provides a good platform for life. Our guiding principles are knowledge, safety, well-being and study peace.

How will we achieve our vision?

  • By using the diversity of our school and learning from each other
  • Active adults participating and leading educational outdoor activities
  • Engaging, creative educators who show clear leadership and build good relationships with students and guardians.
  • Exercise in some classes in the curriculum to complement sport
  • Teacher-led homework/study support a few days a week
  • Genre pedagogy permeating part of the curriculum
  • Strong student health services to provide early and effective support to students with special needs.
  • Educators who use their colleagues in the team as support and sounding board and develop together in a collegial approach
  • Continuous training of educators, e.g. special education, maths, reading, outdoor education, etc.

OBJECTIVES for the development of pupils’ knowledge:

– To improve target attainment by 10% each academic year in the subjects of Swedish, English and mathematics.

Methods to check that we are achieving our vision, i.e. follow-up.

  • Focus groups, student interviews and surveys
  • Mapping via IST learning, national tests, Skolverket’s assessment support and the municipal reconciliation plan.
  • Continuous work on work environment mapping among teachers and pupils.

Prästholmsskolan adapted primary school

There is an adapted primary school integrated into Prästholmsskolan, which is a primary and secondary school located in the lower district of Boden. Pupils between 7 and 12 years old are divided into different groups depending on their abilities and needs.

There is also a dedicated leisure activity. The compulsory adapted primary school is attended by pupils with disabilities who are unable to achieve the objectives of primary school.

  • Each student has an individualized schedule.
  • Pupils are taught the same subjects as primary school pupils.
  • The content and scope of the subjects are adapted to each student’s abilities.
  • An individual development plan is drawn up for each student.
  • Students with severe disabilities have a specific curriculum.

Our profile

  • We work according to curricula for compulsory primary special schools
  • We work with concrete materials to reinforce understanding.
  • We work with different alternative ways of communication.
  • We take advantage of the pupil’s knowledge, skills and interests and use them as a basis for our work.
  • We want to develop students’ capacity to see opportunities, not difficulties.
  • We are in close contact with parents.
  • In our activities, we want to create security and well-being at school, where students should feel the joy of success.
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