Svartbjörnsbyns school

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Svartbjörnsbyns school is a primary school with about 150 pupils from age 6 to 12. We offer our students a safe school environment where everyone is seen.

The main building contains classrooms, group rooms, a library and a music room. In separate buildings we have a canteen and a sports hall. Our schoolyard is large and invites many different activities. There are playhouses, a playground with climbing frames and swings, field hockey fields, a basketball court, a soccer field, open grass areas, an ice skating rink and snowballs.

The school is located in the middle of the village and is close to both water and forest, which encourages outdoor learning. The school has a leisure center with two departments, Björnidet and Grottan.

School profile

Nature – health – movement! – for learning for all children in pre-school, school and after-school care.

The Svartbjörnsbyn school provides children and young people with tools for lifelong and sustainable learning. We work to ensure that everyone feels good in both body and mind. We use as many senses as possible.

Our local environment encourages a variety of activities and is used as part of our teaching. Through outdoor activities and movement, students are better equipped to meet the challenges of the future!

Our school has profiled itself towards Nature-Health-Movement and this is something that permeates our activities. We want our students to appreciate nature, have healthy habits and enjoy movement. For them to be happy, safe and knowledgeable.
These goals are achieved by working together with students.

The school’s motto is community and joy!

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