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We are an independent preschool that currently has 80 children enrolled aged 1-5 years. We have divided the children into different Arenas, Arena Air for our 1 year olds, Arena Water for our 2 year olds, Arena Earth for our 3 year olds and on Arena Fire is our 4-5 year olds. We have 2 preschool managers, 17 educators and 2 cooks on staff.

Our premises are located in the residential area of Erikslund, about 1.5km outside the city center. In our vital building there is also a health centre, day care, physiotherapy, dementia accommodation, etc. In our fantastic outdoor environment there are large green forest areas and access to playgrounds. There are good bus connections to the city center.

We are an independent preschool run as a staff and parent cooperative, not for profit. The Board, our executive body, is composed of parents, educators and an external chairperson, with the pre-school directors as co-opted members.The economic association promotes the economic interests of its members, but we particularly emphasize the benefits for the children, other human values and the cooperation of parents and staff. We see the participation and involvement of parents as an important part of the activity.

Reggio Emilia philosophy

Preschool BarnCompaniet works in a Reggio Emilia-inspired way. At our preschool, we work with meaningful challenges that take place both individually and in collaboration with others. An investigative, exploratory approach where children’s thoughts, ideas and imagination are the basis of the learning process. Our children have the opportunity to work with a variety of different forms of expression, what we mean by 100 languages. We use pedagogical documentation to make the children’s and teachers’ thoughts visible, which helps us to reflect on our own and others’ learning.

Core values

At the BarnCompaniet Preschool, children gain knowledge for life and learn to work in a democratic way. Our values are subjectivity – the child’s right to be acknowledged, all children are unique, diversity – the right to feel, think and do differently and to see this as an asset, interdependence – to see the group/friends as an opportunity to learn from each other, 100 languages – a “picture” of how people develop and deepen their learning in interaction with others and in different environments.

Educational environment

Our educational environment is unique – it must be experienced. It is a right for children to spend time in an inspiring, beautiful and varied educational environment both indoors and outdoors with a variety of different materials and learning spaces.

Educational organization

Making all this possible requires a structured organization. Where our values, view of children, view of knowledge and the Curriculum for Preschool are the foundation. Together with the children, educators and the educational environment, this forms a whole where all parts are interdependent.

Part-time children

We offer the following options for a place at the BarnCompaniet preschool for children whose parents are job seekers or on parental leave, and for children who are entitled to public preschool, i.e., children who are not in school. from the autumn of the year the child turns 3 years old.

Time of stay Monday-Thursday 09.00 – 14.00, during our educational time. On Fridays the children are free. This option means a stay of 20 hours per week.

Fria Emilia

Fria Emilia is an independent school in Boden that also works in a Reggio Emilia way. Our children have priority access to this school which has children from pre-school to year 9. Barncompaniet collaborates with Fria Emilia, both between educators and children.

Our food

We aim to:

  • to use as few semi-finished products as possible
  • baking our own bread
  • the food should be nutritionally sound from a day-to-day perspective. Keep sugar levels low and fiber content high. Using more polyunsaturated fat than saturated. The salad is served before the hot meal, and consists of about four different varieties.
  • to buy from local suppliers, and organic goods to a certain extent.
  • making the meal enjoyable, by thinking about varying the color, shape, texture, taste and smell.
  • a varied menu. Our menu is based on Swedish home cooking, but also includes dishes from all over the world.
  • that children with allergies should receive the same diet as the others.
  • to safeguard Swedish food traditions.
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