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Älvskolan in Gunnarsbyn is a pleasant school beautifully situated in the Råne River valley, about 4 miles from Boden.

Welcome to the small village school with big opportunities!

Nature is just around the corner and the school is located in the middle of the village. Here you have a school with strong local roots where you are struck by a sense that anything is possible.

Älvskolan has about thirty pupils and works closely with the various stakeholders in the area. We focus on nature and movement through outdoor days, outdoor activities in the forest and countryside and in the schoolyard. We have good opportunities for excursions in the local area.

The school has pupils from pre-primary to grade 6 and also houses a leisure department.

Our school is divided into two buildings, one of which houses the school restaurant where we eat lunch every day. In the main building, the Gunnarsbyn preschool is integrated with the school and after-school care.

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