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Skogså Friförskola and fritidshem is located about 1 mil from central Boden in the countryside close to nature and wildlife. Our catchment area is mainly the northern villages, but also from the entire municipality of Boden. We have 32 pre-school places and 32 after-school places. Children attending school in the municipality of Boden are transported by bus to their chosen school and back to the after-school center.

In Skogså there are fantastic conditions for various activities. In winter there are snowmobile trails, ski trails, a skating rink and a sledding hill. In summer, there are floodlit trails, a football pitch and a playground with a climbing frame and slide. The preschool strives to take part in these activities every day, to attract the children’s interest in playing, learning and creating.

We have our own cook who prepares the food. The children’s group eats in the dining room where they can help set the table. Skogså preschool tries to favor our local suppliers in the municipality of Boden and buy as locally as we can, everything from food, cleaning supplies and toys.

In Skogså we have large spaces that we can modify according to the children’s interests, all to attract the children’s need for learning and new challenges. Our gymnasium is always available for children’s movement, yoga, dance and rhythm needs.

In the preschool we have a common group with 1-5 year olds. A few days a week, we divide the children up so that we can take advantage of the children’s own influence, regardless of their age. All children should be able to express themselves and have an opportunity to be themselves. We create safe children who feel a sense of community, empathy and respect in the group.

Our focus is that the children feel safe, happy and involved in the daily activities.

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