Harads school

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Harads skola is a pleasant age 6 to 12 school that is beautifully situated by the Lule River, about 5 miles northwest of Boden.

Welcome to the small village school with big opportunities!

Harads school has about 70 students and is beautifully located in the middle of the village with a magnificent view of the Lule River. The school works closely with various stakeholders in the community. We have good excursion and lesson opportunities in the school’s vicinity, such as the light trail with surrounding forest and the proximity to Ramdal where we are both close to the river and our very own “School Forest” with barbecue area and shelter.

The school works with pupils from pre-school to grade 6 and also houses an after school department.

The school consists of three buildings. The large main building houses the principal, after-school care, preschool class, classes 1-2, 2-3, 4-5 and 5-6 as well as home economics, woodwork, textile work, music room, art room, science room and Harads library. The school lunch is prepared and served in our school restaurant which is located in an independent building. Our sports hall, swimming pool and strength room are also located in a separate building. However, everything is gathered in the same area which means we are really close to everything!

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