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Mårängskolan is an age 6 to 12 school located on Sävastön, 9 km south of Boden. It is a growing school, currently with about 400 students. Our new school building will be ready in the fall of 2023.

Most classes are three in parallel where both students and teachers cooperate with each other. We have four after-school departments that operate in the same premises as other school activities.

The desire to learn and the joy of success are the school’s watchwords. We work with experiential learning based on a thematic approach where students are active and collaborate with each other. We believe that we learn from and with each other with all the senses and the whole body. By experiencing together, we learn more.

The learning environment is important to us at Mårängskolan, safety and well-being are the basis for learning. Pupils encounter dedicated teachers and many different classrooms such as the school forest, music, after-school clubs, the school yard, classrooms, kitchens, sports, the swimming pool, and the local environment. Digital tools and programming are a natural part of all activities. In the lower ages we work with ASL – writing to reading.

We offer all students in age 8, 10 and 11 to participate in day and evening adventures. Adventure education is characterized by cooperation, play, responsibility, communication, creativity and curiosity. Age 9, all pupils attend a golf school.

If you are curious about our preschool class activities, you can get an insight into the document on this page.

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