Tallbacken preschool

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Tallbackens preschool is located in Sävast, 6 km outside of central Boden. The preschool has Brönjaskolan and the sports hall Träffpunkten as its closest neighbors. Tallbacken has four portals for children aged one to five years. The portals called Bumblebee and Ladybug are for younger children and the Ant and Butterfly are for older children.

We lay the foundations for your child’s lifelong learning, their first school ‘kindergarten’.

The preschool’s outdoor environment includes a forest garden, with trees, roots and moss, an area that challenges the children’s motor skills. Here, spontaneous teaching is based on children’s fascination with sticks, cones, insects and animals in science. The courtyard can be divided and through this we can have different teaching groups outdoors.

“Preschool provides children with a basic education, which includes teaching and training” Preschool curriculum Lpfö 2018.

The preschool works thematically and across disciplines to develop children’s abilities. Our priority objectives:

Language and communication, we use tools such as TRAS and Bornholms materials.
For example, one method that older children use is “Snick and Snack” to discuss and agree on interactions, different thinking and conflicts between children.
Maths, we use everyday maths daily and MIO materials.

Approach – We see all children as rich and competent, with their own drive to develop. Our education stimulates children’s curiosity, desire for development and learning. We are positive, cheerful and permissive within a clear framework. We work with group dynamics so that children develop their ability to learn, play individually and in groups. We preschool teachers, preschool educators and nurses use encouragement, conversation and support in our approach.

Play – is important for learning and development. The various forms of play and learning stimulate imagination, empathy, pleasure, communication, symbolic thinking, cooperation and problem solving. Children have the opportunity to express and process experiences, feelings, learning and experiences through play.

Meetings/Gatherings/Activities – We have various meetings in the daily teaching activities and in teaching groups. We promote a sense of community by paying attention to all children/friends. Language skills are strengthened through daily communication, reading aloud, conversation, singing, play, rhythm, stories, rhymes and rhymes.

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