Örtavallen preschool

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The preschool is located in Sävast, a village six kilometers outside Boden. Örtavallen has four portals for children aged one to five years. The Hare and Squirrel are for younger children and the Bear and Owl are for older children.
The preschool works thematically and across disciplines to develop children’s abilities. Our priority objectives:

  • Language and communication
  • Social skills
  • Mathematics

“Preschool provides children with a basic education, which includes teaching and training” Preschool curriculum Lpfö 2018.

Working methods/attitude – We are positive, cheerful and permissive within a clear framework. We work with group dynamics so that children develop their ability to learn, play individually and in groups. We preschool teachers and childcare workers use encouragement, discussion and support in our approach.

Play – is important for learning and development. The various forms of play and learning stimulate imagination, empathy, pleasure, communication, symbolic thinking, cooperation and problem solving. Children have the opportunity to express and process experiences, feelings, learning and experiences through play.

Meetings/Gatherings/Activities – We have different meetings in the organization and work for a “we” feeling in the departments. Language skills are strengthened through daily communication, reading aloud, conversation, singing, play, rhythm, stories, rhymes and rhymes. Planning the week with children’s influence/values issues – what happens/happened during the day. It teaches taking turns, having the courage to talk and listening to others.

We offer environments – Where we work with the children to stimulate their curiosity, desire for development and learning. We work with safety/care, joy/play, sustainability and respect where we emphasize the processes of learning. In our outdoor activities, we have the opportunity to experience other challenging environments, play, sound and air. It strengthens children’s motor development such as running, jumping, climbing, balancing and swinging etc.

The opening hours of the preschool are 6.15-17.30 based on the children’s stay. The preschool conducts practical training. This means that we have supervisors at the preschool and receive teacher students from LTU who do their professional practice here, as well as childcare students from high school and adult education.

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