Björkdungen’s preschool

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Björkdungen preschool is centrally located close to the city, and has a total of six portals. The preschool is newly renovated – both indoors and outdoors. The municipality’s OB (inconvenient working hours) childcare is also available here at Björkdungen preschool.

Everyone who works at the preschool has different experience, education and background, which means that we have created a preschool with a broad range of skills and a good foundation.

The nursery consists of a restaurant (in the middle of the nursery) with a food preparation kitchen. Our chefs are Tiina and Pierre and they serve food prepared at the preschool and a fresh salad bar every day. On each side of the restaurant there is a cloakroom and if you walk further you will come to one of two squares.

Each square is surrounded by three portals. At Björkens torg there are two portals with 3-4 year olds and a 5 year old portal. In Dungen Square there are three portals with 1-3. The staff work together around the three portals so your child gets to know all the staff.

In addition to portals and squares, the preschool also has studios, carpentry and water play. Furniture on wheels so that we can build the learning environment according to the interests and needs of the group of children. The outdoor courtyard is also an arena for teaching and learning.

The premises have a good security and sound environment – with calm colors. The preschool works with the children around image support, digital tools such as screens, iPads, educational apps and projectors. Reading aloud is also sometimes done via a digital screen where many children can participate. Digital tools are used in a conscious way where your child develops their digital skills.

The preschool focuses on mathematics, social skills and language/communication. These three elements are given prominence in education to prepare children for school – and for lifelong learning. All staff use Signs as Support with the children, as an additional option to communicate.

Your child’s safety, care and health are the cornerstones of their growth and well-being. We always look out for your child’s best interests and their well-being. We believe that cooperation between home and school is important. We work to have a good relationship with guardians where communication/feedback is part of the daily work. Teachers and head teachers also communicate with parents via blogs and emails about the preschool’s activities, teaching and information that needs to be shared.

The preschool also has its own page on Instagram (bjorkdungensforskola).

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