Noblaskolan Boden

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At Noblaskolan Boden, students are stimulated in an environment characterized by security, structure and peaceful study time. For us, it is important that all students are seen and we value diversity. Together, we ensure that all students achieve their goals, all the way from pre-school to grade 9.

We offer pre-school and grades 1-9.

For us at Noblaskolan Boden it is important that every student feels safe. We at the school should be there for each individual student at their level and meet each student’s expectations. Our goal is to be a school where you can thrive and develop.

Our sports and health profile

At our primary school, we have a sports and health profile that gives our students the opportunity to practice ice hockey, football, physical activity, music and art. We see our students’ interest in sport, health and music as a driving force for successful studies in other subjects.

Excellent conditions for good academic performance

Our students have everything they need to succeed and our job is to bring it out. We do this by challenging, supporting and making demands – both on our students and teachers. We believe that all students can shape the future on their own terms, given the right conditions.

Our teaching and curriculum

With us, our students and parents can count on high quality teaching, clear structure and academic ambition. We use the Swedish National Agency for Education’s curriculum Lgr22, designed for primary schools. When our students leave us at Noblaskolan Boden, they do so with the best possible conditions to reach their full potential and with academic self-confidence right from the start.

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