Tankeborgen – Svartlå fria

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Tankeborgen is a free school and free preschool run as a member-owned non-profit economic association. Any surplus goes straight back into the business.

The school has about 30 children in age 6 to 12 and the preschool has about 17 children. Tankeborgen has 14 employees.

We have access to all the specialist skills required.

High staffing levels with qualified staff in schools, after-school clubs and pre-schools. We currently have an average of one adult for every 6 children.

We offer pre-school and school childcare free of charge, you save 12 000 SEK /child and year.

Small working groups are one of the many advantages of a small school. It provides a calm study environment which is a prerequisite for learning the set curriculum objectives.

Good indoor and outdoor environment. We have large, bright classrooms, a gymnasium and a dining room in the building, and preschool and after-school facilities.

We have the forest close by and a lot of activity there. In the schoolyard we have our own ice rink, our own gardens and large play areas. All school, pre-school and after-school activities are under one roof.

Own school kitchen with homemade food that is highly appreciated by our students, staff and other lunch guests. We use Swedish and local produce.

Our profile is nature, culture and entrepreneurship, which permeates all our activities. For example, through our own school café, with entertainment and sales.

Singing, music and theater are recurring and natural elements in everyday teaching, for example, all students have the opportunity to try out several different instruments at an early stage.

The Svartlå model is our pedagogical model. We end each school year with a joint school trip involving students, parents and staff.

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