Rörviken preschool

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Rörviken preschool is centrally located and has four portals in newly renovated and beautiful premises; Villekulla, Bullerbyn and Lönneberga for our 1-4 year olds and Mattisborgen which is a portal for five year olds.

We have a large and open outdoor environment with trees, berry bushes, large grass areas, a bike path, climbing frames and a sledding hill. We also have access to beautiful nature in the surroundings and are close to the city center where there is a cultural offer to visit. Good bus connections also allow us to go on longer excursions.

Our kitchen is staffed by a chef who prepares all the food on site, mostly locally produced and organic. Different salads, vegetables and fruit are served every day.

Our activities are based on the Education Act, the preschool curriculum, municipal guidelines and our local activity plan, and our activities should be fun, safe, rich in content and form the basis for lifelong learning;

  • A safe and flexible induction
  • Daily outdoor activities
  • Good community – all children are safe with all staff
  • Focus on language, drama, ICT, mathematics, science and technology
  • Homemade and well-balanced diet.
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