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Stureskolan is a municipal secondary school located in central Boden. There are about 360 students age 13 to 15 and we have almost 60 employees.

Pupils and teachers belong to a team (red, green, white, purple, yellow or blue) that is cross-curricular and age-integrated. We also have a language class and Primary Special School. The school offers a variety of activities such as a multi-arena, skateboard ramp, football pitches, gym and school library. We also have a student café run by those age 15.

We work with pulse-based learning in age 13. The school also offers extended sport classes every week. We focus on safety and peace of mind. Stureskolan student health team is an important function together with our safety team.

Adapted primary school age 13 to 16 at Stureskolan

It is an adapted primary school integrated into Stureskolan, a secondary school located in the central district of Boden.

Students between 13 and 16 years old are divided into different groups depending on their abilities and needs. At Stureskolan there is both adapted primary school, which teaches the same subjects as primary school, and training school , which has a different curriculum.

Stureskolan does not have an after-school club.
The compulsory adapted primary school is attended by pupils with intellectual disabilities who are assessed as not reaching the knowledge requirements of the primary school. The fact that school is compulsory means that attendance at school is compulsory. At Stureskolan’s adapted primary school, we work to create opportunities to

  • Individual education planning.
  • The content and scope of the subjects are adapted to each student’s abilities.
  • An individual development plan is drawn up for each student.
  • Students with severe disabilities have a specific curriculum.
  • Subject teachers at Stureskolan teach the practical and aesthetic subjects or areas.
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