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Brönjaskolan is an age 12 to 15 primary school, located in Sävast, about 8 km from the center of Boden and 29 km from Luleå. We have a good outdoor environment with a basketball court, soccer field and sports hall as well as the forest close by. The school has around 300 pupils.

At Brönjaskolan, competent and committed educators focus on both the academic and social development of students. The school staff is divided into three teams, North, South and Annex. Each team is responsible for one grade. Staff work actively to ensure that our students have a safe and secure school experience, where they can achieve the greatest possible development based on their abilities. We work across disciplines to create a holistic approach to students’ education.

All students have access to their own computer in class. In most subjects, we use digital learning materials. If we ask students what is the best thing about Brönjaskolan, they say the teachers, who give them a meaningful and varied education. A safe and good relationship between teacher and student means that they know they can get help and support if they need it. Three times a week, after school, there is an opportunity to get support with your studies.

School profile: health and personal leadership

To develop their personal leadership skills, each student is assigned their own staff coach to talk to at least once a semester. Nature trips are a popular part of the school’s activities. It allows students to consolidate knowledge, be challenged and empowered.

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