Fagernäs preschool

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Fagernäs preschool is located about 2 km from central Boden and is close to the forest and bus connections. There is a communal courtyard with a large green area with trees and shrubs. There are playgrounds, sandboxes, swings, bike paths and plenty of opportunities for play and exploration. In winter, there is a natural sledding hill in the courtyard and access to its own ski track. By taking advantage of the nature in our area, we can offer one of the best playgrounds in the world.

The preschool is predominantly staffed by preschool teachers. We work actively to lay the foundations for lifelong learning where activities should be challenging, educational, fun and safe. We work to harness children’s thoughts and curiosity and develop their desire to learn. We work actively with children’s language development and discover math, science and technology in our daily lives.

Our preschool has five portals in two adjacent buildings. The Diamond and Amethyst sections are located in one building and the Sapphire, Crystal and Ruby sections in another building. Fagernäs preschool works with age-homogeneous groups. So there is a one, two, three, four and five year old group. Educators follow the group of children throughout the preschool period.

We have our own kitchen where our cooks prepare all the food for the children. It is important to try new tastes and foods early on, and to serve nutritious food that tastes and smells good.

At our preschool, we strive to ensure that all children and parents feel safe and happy with us.

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