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Fröet preschool is run by the Pentecostal Church in Boden and has one department with a maximum of 20 places for children aged 1-6 years. We are located at Erikslund, Aspgatan 8.

Fröet has a Christian profile, which means:

  • supplementing our gatherings with “Christian” songs and books
  • meals begin with a grace of your choice (song or chant).
  • that our Christian holidays are celebrated.

The preschool has its own cook and the food is prepared on site.

All children aged 1-5 years are welcome to apply. We have our own queuing system.

The fee is the same as the municipality, but the month of July is free as we close for vacation. We have a 2-month notice period when a child leaves the nursery.

We use the Tyra app where we communicate with parents and guardians through, among other things. a. attendance times, information, blog and children’s portfolio.


All our activities are permeated by Christian values and are based on the curriculum for preschool (Lpfö 18). We want to give children the opportunity to discover the world of the Bible through books, songs, grace and highlight the Christian holidays.

Our values

We are a dedicated Preschool. We want to develop our children according to current school law, understand our children’s motivations and needs and take responsibility for how we develop them. We anchor respect for the human rights on which Swedish society is based.

We aim to be responsive and open to children and guardians. Responsiveness defines how we operate as a preschool, towards our children and each other. We are solution-oriented and straightforward. We have clear communication and simple processes. We recognize the intrinsic value of every person and promote sustainable development. Our children’s views are taken into account in education and we give them the opportunity to form their own opinions and make choices based on their own circumstances.

Together we offer a safe and attractive preschool. We keep up to date with the latest developments in school law and curriculum and constantly develop our skills. We welcome different perspectives and are united in our commitment to a Christian profile to shape future generations.

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