Settlers in the #närhetsliv

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A two-storey modern house with a roof terrace to the south was the dream house that became a reality for Fanny and Victor. Thoughtful details and personal material choices make the home their own. “I like the contrasts,” says Fanny.

Fanny Schylander and Victor Vikström previously lived in an apartment in central Boden and dreamed of one day building their own house. Victor comes from Gunnarsbyn, Fanny grew up in Fagernäs and none of them had any connection to Sävast but this was where most plots were released so this was where the dream came true.

– People had started building on the street above when they released these plots and it looked like they would be very nice areas. It’s actually fun when you build a house that the whole area is nice, says Fanny.

That it is close to Victor’s job in Luleå, to preschools, schools, more families with children and other things that are important was a bonus.


– We really wanted a plot so I, Victor, my sister and my father each sat with a computer. The plots would be released online a day in December at nine o’clock and we aimed to be the fastest to log on, says Fanny.

They managed to book three different plots and chose the one they liked best, at the bottom towards the Lule River. When they looked around among house models, they were drawn towards a modern house on two levels with a roof terrace that they thought would be perfect for the location. A large living area on the lower level and several bedrooms on the upper level (to accommodate a walk in closet) were important to Fanny and Victor and they found this.


Personal choices

During the planning period, the couple had to borrow Fanny’s dad’s apartment and there it was a year filled with longing, waiting and countless material choices. The house was bought from Eksjö house, which hired local carpenters. Once construction was underway, it only took 16 weeks to complete.

To make it their own from the start, the couple opted out of the house factory’s proposals for floors, interior doors, kitchens and bathrooms.

– We bought it ourselves so that we got it exactly as we wanted it, and then the carpenters put it in. It is the frame of the house that is standard and we have chosen the rest ourselves, says Victor.

The kitchen is black with faucets and brass handles, as are all interior doors.

– I had a picture of how I wanted it in terms of interior design. I like black kitchens and felt that we could have this because it is so open, here you can have a dark kitchen without it feeling crowded, says Fanny.


The brass can be seen through the house, especially in the bathrooms.

– We have it in the whole house. I like it, it will be a lot with all the details, says Fanny.

The bathroom upstairs is glossy light gray and downstairs, white beveled tiles form a herringbone pattern on the walls. Fanny sought a light feeling in the house and chose a warm light gray shade for the walls and light oak for the floors.

– I did not want that white, cold, but it was important that it was a warm gray so that it did not feel blue. I think it does a lot for the whole house, she says.


They also opted out of all the closets and instead bought twelve Billy bookshelves in different sizes. Fanny sealed all the holes, sanded them and painted them tone-on-tone with the walls. Some of them got cabinet doors and they became linen cabinets and TV benches.

– It looks a little more unique and a little more luxurious. I like to redo things I buy because I have an idea of how I want it, but I think it’s fun too, says Fanny.


View of the river

The whole family thrives very well in their new house.

– The best thing is the terrace, you get up a little and see the river almost all the way, says Victor.

– Tatto!, exclaims Noomi who soon turns two and points.

She loves to stand by the large windows in the living room, both upstairs and downstairs, and watch all the tractors and trucks go by, which happens a lot here among the settlers.


What Fanny appreciates most is all the space and the opportunity to go out in her own garden in the summers.

– It is very nice that we do not have to go away all the time to get out because we already have so much here. #



The family / Fanny Schylander, 24 years old, hairdresser, Victor Vikström, 30 years old, self-employed and Noomi, almost 2 years old.

Hemmet / Modern house on two levels from 2018 with 158 square meters of living space and six rooms and a kitchen on Brännan (stage 2) on Sävastön.

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