Alträsk village & fishing association

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Alträsk is located a few miles outside central Boden. In the middle of our beautiful village overlooking the lake is the old school building, which has been our homestead for many years. On the same plot is also our bakery. The buildings are used by the association, but are also rented out to the public.

Although we are not so many people in Alträsk, we have several events during the year that we welcome everyone to. Examples of recurring activities include the Walpurgis celebration, the fermented herring party, candle making and Christmas early morning. In addition, our café days, pizza nights, children’s festivals, holiday activities, openings, theatres and other cultural events tend to be both popular and well attended. We are pleased that our events engage all ages, as we want to be a vibrant village where everyone has a place and where we learn from each other.

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