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EdekUng is a non-profit association run by young people. We operate in the Edefors region and organise activities for children and young people. Every year we organize an outdoor winter cinema, a carnival on “Haradsdagen”, a haunted house for Halloween and other fun activities.

In addition, we run a youth centre in Harads and the camp site Björnudden.

Björnudden was previously run by Harads School. For many years, teachers and students went to the camp and canoed, hiked, grew crops and learned crafts. Due to the closure of the secondary school in Harads, the school could no longer run the camp and we were asked if we were interested in buying it and taking over its running.

Having been in Björnudden ourselves a lot as youths, we believe that the opportunity to be close to nature is important for children, so we decided to go ahead with the purchase. We did not have the finances to buy the camp but thanks to the commitment of private individuals and other associations, we were able to buy the property from the municipality of Boden. We have great support from the community, who see the importance of continuing to run Björnudden for the sake of the children, and without that support we would not have been able to do it.

As there have not been enough resources from the school in recent years, we had to start by renovating the house in the courtyard. Companies in the municipality of Boden have been helpful and supported us in the renovation and made it possible to renovate the entire upstairs and paint the house. We work every summer to renovate and develop the campground.

In order to run the camp so that children can get out into nature, we need money and therefore we also rent out Björnudden to private individuals.

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