Bredåker Skoter- & Touringförening (BSTF)

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The club is known as Bredåker Skoter- & Touringförening and has built up an impressive organization for snowmobile enthusiasts. The association was founded in 1993 and today has about 400 members.

The association’s main activity is the maintenance of the 120 kilometers of snowmobile trails in the area around Norra and Södra Bredåker, Åkerby, Överäng and Degerbäcken.

In addition, we maintain and service three snowmobile cottages (Degerträsk, Hundsjö and Per-Jassa) and 15 resting areas with seats and firewood. The association is also working to get the touring part of the association up and running, where it will organise simpler day trips where young and old can participate, with the snowmobile tour as the main event and may be combined with food, fishing or other activities. The association also maintains Bredåker’s own illuminated ski trails.

The snowmobile association is also part of Bredåkersgruppen, which coordinates the various associations in Bredåker, is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the village courtyard and organises various events throughout the year. During week 28 every year, Bredåkersveckan is organized, which includes a lot of different activities such as pony rides, waffle café, training sessions with Ann-Helen, cane horse competition, cake feast, fishing competition, dog show, rounders tournament, Älvsrodden etc. and ends with a football derby between Norra-Södra and later in the evening a pub night.

To become a member or for more information, please visit our website or Facebook page.
Hope to see you on the trails this winter!

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