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A unique experience!

Boden Golf Club is one of Sweden’s oldest golf clubs, beautifully located in Sävast on the banks of the Lule River. The club celebrated 70 years in 2016, and the 18-hole course in Sävast was opened in 1992.

For seven years in a row, Golf Digest magazine has named the Sävastbanan course in Boden the best golf course in Norrbotten and Västerbotten.

During the summer months we have the opportunity to play golf 24 hours a day. Take the chance to experience a unique gaming experience under the midnight sun in our beautiful Norrbotten. There is also the possibility of discounted golf packages (accommodation + green fees) and caravan/camper parking.

There is the possibility of Pay & Play games at Bodens GK, this means that you can try playing on a real golf course in a wonderful environment. We see this as an opportunity for those who want to experience golf before starting or as an activity with friends.

Bodens Golf Club has a children’s training group and summer holiday training for children aged 7-13. Bodens golf club is a member of the Swedish Golf Association and works in accordance with the Swedish Golf Association’s and the Swedish Sports Confederation’s guidelines for sports practice, training and competition for everyone – young people, exercisers and elite members. At Bodens golf club there are several activities and activities aimed at all golfers within the club. The club’s goal with our activities is to support and develop golf as a sport but also promote social games and contribute to a good club atmosphere.

Nonprofit associations

BSK Arrows

The Archery Club of Boden was founded in 1948. The club is open to anyone from about 10 years old and up who wants to

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