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In a building with 3600 square metres at its disposal, unique opportunities are created to meet and experience art. Our exhibitions address some of the most pressing issues of our time.

In our ongoing exhibition activities we invite artists from Norrbotten, Sweden and the world, this is complemented by a lively programme and extensive educational activities: we have a café offering homemade coffee and sandwiches, a studio to test how it is to think through the materials of art and a stage for concerts, performances and other activities. The name ‘Havremagasinet’ refers to the building’s unique history and its former function as a storage facility for oats and grain for horses used by the Swedish Armed Forces.

Since the first exhibition at the art gallery, we have worked with contemporary art that highlights current global issues as well as our specific context here in Norrbotten and the Barents region. It can be about migration, democracy, the climate crisis, human rights, integration and minority issues – or simply what it’s like to live on Earth today.

The art gallery was founded in 2010 on the initiative of the artists’ collective Kilen with a vision of becoming a centre for contemporary art in Norrbotten, and since then over fifty exhibitions and countless programmes and meetings have been organised under its roof.

As the regional art gallery, we also have a mission and carry out many different projects around the county. If you are unable to visit us in person, you can take part in parts of our programme and exhibitions remotely.

The activities are made possible by support from Boden municipality, Region Norrbotten and everyone who visits the art gallery.


We see contemporary art as an important, remarkable and unique language for addressing the big issues of the planet, the world, society and the individual – our problems and challenges in the present.

Havremagasinet is a place where exhibitions and programmes give the public the opportunity to experience, think and reflect, but also to challenge themselves and find new perspectives on life. Art thus becomes a starting point to help us put things into words, to comprehend the incomprehensible and to identify and reflect on our individual and collective existence in the world.


Admission: any donation

Opening hours:

Wednesday-Sunday 12:00-16:00
Thursday 12:00-19:30

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