Foto: Fredrik Broman

Lassbyns Hembygdsförening

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We are an association that arrangers activities to make life in Lassbyn a little nicer and more fun. Among other things, we organize meetings where we make handicrafts and create art based on our own interests. We host Christmas coffee during Advent where we also sell fine crafts. In addition to this, we meet in the spring and fall to make it nice around our beautiful hembygdsgård.

The homestead has a large gathering room furnished with tables and chairs for about 50 people, a kitchen with stove, oven, dishwasher that can be used for various events, 2 overnight rooms upstairs plus a smaller apartment in a part of the house. All this is available for rent if needed.


Lassbyforsen is a fantastic excursion destination. In autumn 2022, a memorial from the rafting era in the Råne River Valley was erected at the bridgehead of the old bridge. Walk along nice paths, make coffee over an open fire at one of our fireplaces. Through RÅEK in Gunnarsbyn you can book Lustigkulles timbered cottage and sauna right by the rapids. Caravan or motorhome parking is available on both sides of the rapids and can also be booked at RÅEK.


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