Boden Photo Club

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The photo club consists of about 60 members of different ages. A varied collection with photography as a common denominator. There are all kinds of people, from those with a newly awakened interest in photography to those who work professionally with photography and film. The mobile photographer is just as welcome as those with the most expensive equipment – and everyone in between.
The idea is to provide something for everyone, regardless of experience and special interests. Members share their experiences and get new ideas and knowledge from others. And perhaps the most important thing of all – to have a good time!

We usually meet one evening a week in the Medborgarskolan premises on Pontonjärvägen, which we call “photo coffee”. Sometimes we have specific themes or hold workshops, other times it’s open where each of us raises what is relevant.

From time to time we have photo excursions or photo walks where we photograph in the dark, sporting events, motocross, flowers, rust or nature.

Once a year, the club organises a longer overnight photo trip.

Members have the opportunity to participate in exhibitions – including in the shop windows of the Enter gallery – various competitions as well as to be involved in jury assignments for other clubs.

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