Friluftsfrämjandet Boden

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Educating children and adults in nature. Operations and activities Spring Summer Winter

Skogsknytt 3-4 years old Skogsmull 5-7 years old Skogsströvare 8-10 years old Frilufare 11-14 years old.

May Day celebrations, Forest bathing, The Mushroom Day, Training courses.

Winter; Children’s ski school Gruvbergsbacken. Adult ski school Klinten Snöskogång.

Tomtestuga, Children’s ski race. The lift is open and the cabin is open for meals Feb-April.

Become a member 070-5295252

Rental of Gruvbergsstugan 070-6673928.

For opening hours call our answering machine 072-2285289

Other business 070-3119094

Nonprofit associations

Bodens Ridklubb

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